*333 CallCenter for RIM
*345 Rel World Card calls prefix
*347 Rel World Card a/c balance check
*366 CallCenter for RIP
*375 Calling card prefix
*390 Rewards a/c calls prefix
*412 RConnect enable – now discontinued
*488 Phone deavctivation
*377 Reliance BroadNet
*600 Voice Mail
*337 for time,
*388: Converting old RIM numbers into new ones!
*375: Prefix for using Reliance india (STD) cards
*444: Hear missed/dialed/recieved calls
*334 I think bypasses the help menu and goes directly to customer support,
*368 Recharge your prepaid card
*355 Netway help
*370 To know your mobile number

*123# for pre and post paid sms based services

*306# for prepaid balance
sms POS to 59999 for postpaid bill

ముఖ్యగమనిక : కొన్ని నంబర్లు ప్రాంతాలను బట్టిమారుతూ ఉండవచ్చు!


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