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1.) There are 10 districts in Telangana, 9 in Andhra and 4 in Rayalaseema. Out of these 7 districts in Telangana, 3 in Andhra and 1 in Rayalaseema are considered severely backward districts which means 70% of districts in Telangana are backward while in Andhra it is 35% and in Rayalaseema it is 25%. Apart from these there are some areas in all parts of the state which are also backward.
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List of districts in Telangana – Adilabad, Karimnagar, Nizamabad, Warangal,Khammam, Medak, Rangareddy,Nalgonda, Mahabubnagar, Hyderabad. Out of these, Karimnagar, Nizamabad, Medak, Khammam, Hyderabad, Rangareddy cannot be categorized as backward districts.
List of districts in Rayalaseema – Kurnool, Kadapa, Ananthapur, Chittoor. Of these Ananthapur, Kadapa and some parts of Chittoor are backward, with Ananthapur being the worst-hit district of whole AP.
List of districts in Coastal Andhra – Nellore, Prakasam, Guntur, Krishna, West Godavari, East Godavari, Visakhapatnam, Vijayanagaram, Srikakulam. Of these, Srikakulam, Vijayanagaram, Visakhapatnam (other than Vizag City), Prakasam, Western parts of Krishna, Guntur (Palnadu area), Godavari (Manyam area) districts are considered backward (compared to the non-backward areas of Telangana).
Clearly, the above statement is more of a prejudiced opinion than a fact.

45% of the state income comes from Telangana region. When it comes to utilization of funds, the share of Telangana is only 28%.
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As was pointed out by some members here, the income from hyderabad and rangareddy districts forms a major share of this income. This income
mostly comes from the sectors of Real Estate, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and IT industries. Not to instigate any regional feelings here, but it is worth noting that many of these companies (excluding IT sector to some extent) are owned by non-Telanganites.

Normally canals are dug to supply water to the crops from rivers for cultivation. The amount of land cultivated through canals in just Guntur district is more than the land cultivated with canals in entire Telangana region.
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Not true. Guntur district irrigated area is 6,78,197 acres ( Karimnagar district irrigated area is 6,47,402 acres ( Note that 1 Hectare = 2.471 acres).

Nagarjuna sagar dam is built in Nalgonda district which is in Telangana but majority of the water from the dam is used for Krishna and Guntur district. The original dam was supposed to be build much ahead of its present location but the location was changed so that it falls in the
Telangana region. Due to the construction of the dam several hectares of Lime stone mines vanished as part of the dam back waters. Everyone know that lime stone is used for producing cement. Even the natural resources were not allowed to remain.
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A bit of a history here – Nagarjuna Sagarproject was originally conceived by the British, around 1903, with Siddeswaram and Pulichintala as possible balancing reservoir sites. Unfortunately, these proposals did not materialize. Floods in Krishna river used to devastate Krishna district, while Guntur and Nalgonda were drought prone. As part of the first five-year plan, Nehru Govt. appointed Khosla committee to examine and report on the optimum and most beneficial utilization of Krishna River waters. The recommendations of the Committee, which were later endorsed by the Planning Commission in December, 1952, are to construct Nandikonda Dam across Krishna River with full reservoir level at +590.00 feet with canals taking off on either side. Water allocated to the Project is 281 TMC. The foundation stone of the Dam was laid by the late Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India on 10.12.1955. (It is worth noting here that Andhra Pradesh state was formed in 1956, after the dam foundation was laid. It is outrageous to spread the idea that there’s a conspiracy by the Andhrites in shifting the location of the site, when the state itself was not in existence.)
Another piece of interesting information on the background of Nagarjuna Sagar –
“Raja spent fifty two lakhs of rupees (in 1950s) as a matching grant for the project construction”. What is the investment of Telangana in this project, while reaping the benefits of the project and yet promoting the idea that injustice was done ?
Regarding Limestone quarries, there are enough limestone reserves to support a host of cement industries.For more info –
Statements that non-telangana regions conspired against Telangana people are false theories spread by people with vested interests.

Fluorinated water problem is only in Nalgonda district which has not been resolved since decades.
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This is not a problem specific to Nalgonda district and the statement that no efforts have been made to resolve this issue is not true. This problem existed in many other districts as well (Adilabad, Anantpur, Chittoor, Guntur, Hyderabad, Karimnagar, Khammam, Krishna, Kurnool, Mahabubnagar, Medak, Nalgonda, Nellore, Prakasam, Ranga Reddy, Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram, Warangal, West Godavari). For more info –
The state has initiated (RWS) schemes to resolve this problem. While the majority of drinking water works for Ananthapur district was sponsored by the Satyasai Organization, the state has sponsored the schemes in Telangana districts. Anyone could see the injustice being done to Rayalaseema here, in favor of Telangana. Yet, the hate speeches organized by Telangana theorists twist this “fact”.
Another piece of info that I know firsthand here – The RWS scheme was first proposed in Nizamabad district by the then Chief Engineer Mr U.Kutumba Rao (incidentally, he’s from the Andhra Region’s Krishna district) and he made sure that the funds were released by the then TDP govt (thanks to Late Sri Karanam Ramachandra Rao, Minister of TDP Govt). No Telangana Politician thought about this for decades together and yet they somehow attribute this problem to Telangana discrimination !!!
Reg. the Nalgonda district, efforts to supply krishna water to the affected districts is almost nearing completion (thanks to the proposal by TDP Govt and Implementation by the Congress Govt.)

DECEMBER 24, 2009 10:39 PM
Two major rivers Krishna and Tungabhadra enter the state of AP in the district of Mahaboobnagar (the biggest district in Telangana) but the district always remains the worst draught hit areas along with Anantapur because there is no project and process with which the water can be utilized. The plans for utilization has been pending for decades.
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To put things in perspective, we need to look at the background of the drought conditions. Agriculture in this district has been primarily done by borewells since long back and indiscriminate increase of this usage, over decades, led to depletion of ground water levels. The contours and the percentage of arable land in this district doesn’t help either (Anantapur fares much worse in that the forest cover is only 5%, whereas Mahabubnagar has a forest cover of 16%). The eastern part is upland/hilly and the majority of the soil is Red Chalka type. This district is mostly a catchment area for the rivers, which means this is not really plain land. Govts over the years have tried to implement various measures such as watershed projects (through Desert Development Programmes, Drought Prone Region Development Programmes etc), Small check dams and drip irrigation schemes. The efforts of the Govts led to an increase in ground water level and rejuvenation of around 31000 borewells.
This is not to say that the Govts have done enough. Much more needs to be done here, which has not been done so far.
Currently, Nettempadu Lift Irrigation Project, Kalwakurthy Lift Irrigation Project and Rajiv Lift Irrigation Projects are being implemented and upon their completion, this district will hopefully be no more categorized as drought-prone.

In Telangana regions, only few areas cultivate one crop a year and very rarely two crops a year while most of the land doesn’t even cultivate
single crop. In both the Godavari districts, Krishna and Guntur district, two crops a year is common and there are times where even 3 crops a year are cultivated. The only reason is WATER.
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Not all regions of Godavari/Krishna/Guntur cultivated three crops a year. And this is not the reality anymore, particularly for Krishna river basin. The water for second crop itself is not guaranteed anymore (Pulichintala is the solution for this).

33% of the population in Mahaboobnagar district have left the district for livelihood to different parts of the state due to draught and majority of them are working as daily labour. No other district has so many people who fled the home place due to lack of livelihood and working as daily labour.
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This is not a problem unique to Mahabubnagar. Srikakulam and Vizianagaram districts have the same problem. The problem in Mahabubnagar district is conveniently projected as a Telangana issue.

Dairy development corporation of AP purchases milk from farmers across the state for distribution. For the same milk, in Andhra, the government pay Rs. 24 to the farmers and in Telangana they pay Rs. 22 per litre. Partiality is shown even in milk
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Milk procurement price is dependent on various quality parameters, one of them being the fat content. For eg., Mahabubnagar district in the 90s produced milk with low fat content (reasons ranged from feeding practices and quality cattle, to diluting milk with water). The then Govt installed Technical Assistance Services to implement bank credits for procuring quality cattle, cattle insurance, cattle vaccinations, Milk testing centers etc. This led to increase in Milk production, Fat content (from 6% to 7.3%) and an increase of profits for Milk producers (in Wanaparthy segment alone, there was an increase of 40laks in profit, in 3 years). The point to be noted here is that there’s no discrimination done here, as projected by the statement above.
In fact, the AP dairy federation’s Milk Procurement Price ranges from Rs.25.50 to Rs. 28.00/Ltr for Buffalo milk and Rs. 11.91 to Rs. 12.53/Ltr for Cow milk.

In between 2005-2008 government sold lands worth Rs. 20000 crores in and around Hyderabad which was utilized to build projects in Rayalaseema and Andhra.
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Properties were sold not just in Hyderabad. This happened in Vijayawada and Vizag as well to some extent. The figure of 20000 crores itself is highly debatable. Added to that, the Govt has spent (and has been spending) on the following Telangana projects –
1. Alisagar Lift Irrigation Project
2. J. Chokka Rao Project (Phase I and II)
3. Gutpa Lift Irrigation Project
4. Alimineti Madhava Reddy Project
5. Sriram Sagar Project (Phase I and II) and the flood canal
6. Bhima Lift Irrigation project
7. Sripada Rao Lift Irrigation project
8. Dummugudem project
9. Kalwakurthi Lift Irrigation Project
10. Nettempadu Lift Irrigation Project
11. Lendi Project
12. Suddavagu, Peddavagu, Palemvagu, Gollavagu, Ralivagu, Mathadivagu, Modikuntavagu and Gundlavagu projects
13. Komuram Bheem Project
14. Koilsagar Lift Irrigation Scheme
15. Kinnerasani Project
16. Ichampally Project (Govt has been trying to resolve longstanding interstate issues and is trying to get national project status for this. It is worth noting that no Telangana leader/intellectual has tried to get these issues
resolved or lobbied for the national status and yet non-telangana regions are somehow blamed for non-implementation of this project.)
It should also be noted that many of these projects are lift-based. This is due to the topography of the Telangana region (Deccan Plateau). The power ‘consumption’ for operating/maintaining these projects are enormous. For eg. the Nettempadu, Kalwakurty and Devadula projects require 1200MW of power. On the other hand, the Pulichintala project will add 120MW and Polavaram project will add 960 MW of power ‘production’.

Not even a single project was completed in Telangana in the last 5 years while several projects were completed in Andhra and Rayalaseema.
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Another baseless statement. The following projects in Telangana regions have become operational in the last 5 years –
1. Devadula Lift Irrigation Project (Phase I) (benefits 60,000 acres) became operational in March, 2008.
2. Alisagar Lift Irrigation Project (benefits 54,000 acres) became operational in November, 2007.
3. A. Madhava Reddy Project(Phase I) (benefits 50,000 acres) became operational in September, 2006.
Compared to this, the following projects became operational in Andhra/Rayalaseema region –
1. Pushkara Lift Irrigation in East Godavari district (mostly to the non-irrigated North and Westerm parts of the district). This project benefits 80,000 acres.
2. Tadipudi Lift Irrigation scheme, mostly for providing drinking water to the water-starved upland mandals of West Godavari district, is partially Operational.
3. Brahmamsagar Project (benefits 50,000 acres) in Cuddapah district
4. Pedderu Reservoir (benefits 13,000 acres) in Visakhapatnam district
5. Jhanjhavati Project (benefits 9000 acres) in Vizianagaram district
Further details can be obtained at (login as guest/guest).

3 TMC of water from Gandipet is sufficient to supply drinking water to our city. Every year 1700 TMC of water is wasted and is flown into Bay of Bengal from river Godavari. Starting from Nizambad to Bay of Bengal there is no project allowed to build on Godavari. If it is built leaders in Godavari districts fear that the fertile lands in the area may fall short of water. If the Godavari water is utilized properly, there will be no scarcity for food grains in our state.
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The statement is contradicting itself. Godavari districts are not using the 1700 tmc water, as the statement says. What would they gain, by blocking projects that utilize this water ? 1700 tmc is equivalent to more than 4 Nagarjunasagar reservoirs ! And 1200 tmc is way above the requirements of telangana region, which means there will still be water left to sea. Why would Godavari districts block when they have no use of this water ?
Also, “no project allowed” implies blaming non-telangana region. Who ‘allows’ the projects ?? If the allegation is that there is politicial interference, then the Telangana MLAs are more in number, compared to Godavari districts. Why didn’t anyone resort to such ‘Aamarana Deeksha’ for getting projects built ? Telangana leaders/intellectuals conveniently cover up the fact that longstanding interstate issues existed between Maharashtra, (the now) Chattisgarh and AP for Ichampally Project. Why haven’t any of these leaders/intellectuals helped the Govt in these issues, if they’re so interested ? They also do not mention that the Sripada Sagar dam is one of the larger capacity dams built on Godavari river for the benefit of Telanagana region, after AP was formed.
Godavari dists are mostly irrigated based on the projects/canals built by the british (other than the new dowleswaram barrage). They couldn’t even get new projects implemented for benefitting the backward western parts (the manyam areas) and they’re being blamed for blocking Telangana projects.


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  1. Nice piece, thanks for sharing. Just a quick comment on tax-inputs; not really a contention with your article, just the argument. As a tax-paying Hyderabadi, I don’t see why my taxes shouldn’t go to support development in Imphal, Nanded, Bruj, Adilabad, Srikakulam or Anantapur. Last I checked, we’re one country; part of being one nation would be that more prosperous parts of the nation would end up supporting less improverished parts of the nation, wherever they may be.

    I’d have a lot more respect for the Telangaana-vaadulu if they’d said they want _political_ power with no added responsibility for districts they aren’t interested in. Which isn’t bad in itself – can’t force anyone to focus their interests in a direction they don’t want – but misshaped revenue-sharing alone surely can’t be the basis for statehood.

    That is, they’ll be a lot more honest when if they say, “అనంతపూర్, విజయనగరంలో ఉన్న పేద ప్రజానికం ఏమైపోయినా పరవాలేదు, తెలుగువారు రెండుగా చీలిపోయినా మేమేం అనుకోం. హైదరాబాదులోని పదవులు, పొజిషన్లు మాకే వర్తిస్తే చాలు”

    Finally, kudos for highlighting the efforts of the Mukhytala Raja; he’s a fascinating person, was pleasantly surprised to see him being mentioned on Wikipedia a few days back, even happier to see him referenced in the Telugu blogosphere. Cheers!

  2. jai thelangana.. thelangana loni bhumulu … udyogaalu… neellu… vanarulu.. boggu anni thelngana vaarive.. aandhra saamraajya vaadhullaaara inkentha kaalam dhochukuntaaru… kabardaaar thelangana drohullaara.. thelangana vaale jaago.. thelangana drohullaara bhaago.. johar thelangana udyama amara veerulaku… johar.. jai thelngana.. jai jai thelangana… venkat PHD ECONOMICS.. OU… HYD… THELANGANA STATE..BHARATH

  3. చాలా బాగా చెప్పారు. తిక్క తిక్క కారాణాలు సాకుగా చూపించి విడిపోదాం అనేవాళ్ళకు తగిన సమాచారం ఇచ్చారు.
    ఐతే ఒకటి హైదరాబాదు,రంగారెడ్ది సరె Karimnagar, Nizamabad, Medak, Khammam జిల్లాలు ” మొత్తం” వెనేకబడిన జిల్లాలు కాదని Visakhapatnam (other than Vizag City), Prakasam, Western parts of Krishna, Guntur (Palnadu area), Godavari (Manyam area) districts అని ఎలా సెలవిచ్చారు సార్.

  4. Nice analysis and kudos to the blogger.

    Certainly Govt is to be blamed for not curbing these type of propaganda.. The milk pricing issue and others are raised by MLA Harish Rao in assembly and no one bothered to counter that(publicly). Even Media has to be blamed here. They only post one sided views. When an issue is raised they give least importance to the answers given.

    Unless we develop a proper democratic debate process these types of problems keep coming

  5. Al right, let us accept there was no discrimination with Telangana and let us say it equally developed like other districts and not back ward, then
    * Please the SRC commissions report: The States Reorganization Commission (SRC) was not in favor of merging the Telangana region with the then Andhra state.
    1. Para 382 of States Reorganization Commission Report (SRC) said “Opinion in Andhra is overwhelmingly in favor of the larger unit, public opinion in Telangana has still to crystallize itself”.
    The concerns of Telanganites were manifold. The region had a less developed economy than Andhra, but a larger revenue base (mostly because it taxed rather than prohibited alcoholic beverages), which Telanganites feared might be diverted for use in Andhra. They also feared that planned dam projects on the Krishna and Godavari rivers would not benefit Telangana proportionately even though Telanganites controlled the headwaters of the rivers. Telanganites feared too that the people of Andhra would have the advantage in jobs, particularly in government and education.
    2.Para 386 of States Reorganization Commission Report (SRC) said “After taking all these factors into consideration we have come to the conclusions that it will be in the interests of Andhra as well as Telangana area is to constitute into a separate State, which may be known as the Hyderabad State with provision for its unification with Andhra after the general elections likely to be held in or about 1961 if by a two thirds majority the legislature of the residency Hyderabad State expresses itself in favor of such unification.”

    Why was Telangana merged into AP against the recommendations of SRC and the people of telangana?
    What were agreements accepted after the 1969 agitation flouted?
    Why is it that there is so much opposition for the creation of a separate Telangana state?

    • About Nagarjuna Sagar…
      Raja gave 52 lakhs…just for free…he do not have any interest….. Telangana guys who lost acres of land and submerged thousands of villages in that reagion…Do you guys have any idea how much land and villages submerged by constructing a Bridge accross a perenial River??? Go and see the annals of Nagarjuna Sagar dam and the villages disappeared during that time.

      I say 52 lakhs is a bribe to the project to divert waters to Andhra region…..Where as poor Telangana people are shedding their lives and fighting against Nijam that time…no govt…no representation for them. This is very unfair….

      • You may call 52lakhs by the Raja as ‘bribe’ but commonsense should tell that bribes are not given in public!

        “Poor are shedding their lives … ” What percentage are shedding lives? What for?! Why not a single politician shedding their bloody lives? You are cornered with the facts, so you are trying to attach sentiment! :)) Your sentiments are ok, as long it won’t hurt other’s sentiments.
        Telangana seperation is shelved the moment it started with hatred& violence on Andhras. Now it is the hands of Police to handle seperation riots! It would be more clear under Governor’s rule, shortly.

        With senseless propaganda TRS could instigate seperation sentiments in some people, but they never thought the false propaganda would be countered with FACTS, oneday! 🙂 You spoiled your stupid ambition!


  6. @sumanth
    do we have to keep peeping behind into why its was done tat way or this all of ap”s people are just as much a part of the entire state after almost 60 years of living together…
    If telangna is granted may be in 40 years time and if things go wrong like in jharkhnad..our next generation will say why was the state divided back then when the propaganda of oppression on telangana is false and politically motivated..
    if its just for the sake of separation and not for development… God only can help our society

  7. Vijay,

    I appreciate putting the info I published in BTDB, in your blog. But, it is unethical to claim that this was your work. Please refer BTDB and mention that the credits must go to the DBer. Also, you cannot give permission (to Mr. Valluri) to re-use this info, without the consent of the original owner. I hope you’re mature enough to realize your mistake.


    • Hi Vijay,
      I am developing a website dedicated to publish all the information supporting unitedandhra. Can i post this information on the website….with your permission. I read in the comments someone named abhimani claimed that this one is his data…if so please provide me his contact i will take permission from him..and also if you are interested pls provide me this kind of valuable information to share with all people and to educated telangana people especially.

  8. The Panchayat Raj is treating many districts of T as backward.

    Selection is based primarily on standard development indicators as well of Naxal support levels.
    The BGRF includes grants as part of the brgf which provides funds for all backward districts.

    Whilst i think this is a great initiative, i don’t see any evidence of AP government spend per reqion as this information is hidden to prevent just the kind of political controversies we are faced with today.

      • Aey minister ni adagamantaavu??
        Maa minister is either congress or tdp. Rendu partyla decision making body is always comprised of andhra bigwig politicians. TDP party andhra lo puttindi, congress mottham seema & andhra vaala control lo undi.
        Aa andhra nayakatwam, cheppina maata vini padi undey vaallakey telangana lo mla, mp tickets isthundi. Telangana kosam poratam chesey vaallaki ticket kaadu kada, bullet isthundi. Ippudu cheppu, velli aey minister ni adagamantaavu??

    • Time padutundi boss.. nuvve annavu kada under construction ani… poorthi kaani… start chesindi finish cheyyali kada ? 46 years congress power lo undi.. poyyi vaallani adugu.. mottam doochuku tinnaru daani paisalu. Eeroju prati congress leader gudda kinda oka Innova or Scorpio untaayi.. ekkadivi ee paisal ? mee project koosam ketayinchinve… poyyi vaalla gudda dengu…

      • America also should go for regional feeling. President Obama also should kick in the ass of all Telugu vallas in America and send them home it seems.. appudu mazaa ostundi.. Andhra pradesh lo sumaaru ga intiki okadu US lo unnadu… ee lekkhana Obama mana telugu vaallandari gudda meeda laat tanni el dengithe appudu ostundi mazaa… The same should happen with UK, dubai and other countries.. Every body, all countries, andaru mana telugu vallanni gudda meedikelli laat tanni eldengaalanta… andaru ikkadiki occhi padataaru.. appudu untundi pandaga.

    • Great question Mr. Rakesh. People are always biased in their own ways. Just spreading false propaganda in the all ways they can..Just piece of paper cannot substitute our self-respect. Where did these great Samaritans/preachers go when they demanded for separate state for andhra from Madras? Where did these hatred speech against separatists go during that time? Getting philosophical about Unity/Integrity now is just shows up their double standards. I would appreciate any article written by third party who’s in no way connected to this whole affair. Any thing other than that is always held up for contention and suspicion…

  9. why is 1956 Gentlemen’s Agreement has never been implemented??

    Why is 1969 six point formula never been implemented?

    Why is 1985 610 GO never been implemented?
    why are supreme court orders on implementation of Gentlemen’s agreement never been implemented??

    why are Presedential orders on implementation of this issue kept aside?

    Why people say AP formed because of the sacrifices made by Sri ramulu??

    While there is lot of stuff about potti sriramulu and tanguturi praksham in AP secondary school syllabus, who were only concerned with the formation of Andhra state .. not AP?

    There is not even a single note… how telangana people fought with Brutal forces of Nizam to get their independence ??

    Telanga was merged with Andhra against wishes of People of Telangana.. in 1956. First SRC recommended not to merge the two states and take decision only after 1961 general elections. But Andhra state lobby created pressure and hasted the formation of AP. Just before formation of AP, Andhra state was struggling from Lack of funds., people of Andhra were in confusion of just getting seperated from Madras. There was no revenue for Andhra state govt. While Telangana(Hyderabad )state has excess revenue.. Revenue generated by revenue system implemented by Nizam. Politicians of Andhra utilised those revenues to stabilize their system. And they used this revenue increase their income, properties.

    • Rakesh Reddy,
      Excess Revenue might be there but what about all other areas in Telangana? Ask your grand-fathers there is no school, hospital in Nizam time.
      Also excess revenue is not given for free? The whole city was developed multi-fold right.
      You can complain if that excess revenue is taken and Hyderabad is not developed.
      also, Kurnool sacrificed capital to Hyderabad.
      So sacrifices are both give and take.

    • I’m not sure what school you studied in. I certainly studied about Hyderabad’s history in school.

      The composite Hyderabad state was a feudal mess with lopsided revenue generation. You might want to read Narendra Luther’s excellent “Hyderabad: A Biography” to understand how finances were mismanaged in the composite Hyderabad state before eventual liberation.

    • Why are you now asking about 1956, 1969 agreements and formulas?

      Why didn’t you fight? Why didn’t you guys challenged it in courts to get justice?

      What Telangana ministers, CMs & PM did to see proper implementation?!

      ” No revenue of Andhra State”? – :)) Again lies & false propaganda! Here one blogger ( chaduvari, I think ) has put the documentary evidence. Go and refer instead of wasting your energy in false propaganda. 😀


  10. why there is not even a single govt company started after formation of A.P State in Telangana region?

    All the major Govt industries here are started before formation of A.P. And most of them are closed down now..

    When ever some one asked about development of Telangana, they say we are doing this, that to Hyderabad, we are developing hyderabad, we have built Hyderabad Central University in Hyderabad. But then, what right do people of Andhra have on Hyderabad as govts always considered it as an Integral part of Telangana…?? People of Andhra have invested money here… ok, fine.., but Who asked them to invest here???
    Did any one from Telangana come to their houses and asked them to invest here?? And did they invest all those money to do Social service for People of Telangana?? They invested here to earn money.. money is their primary motive. They made hell lot of money at the expense of resources of Telangana…

    State’s two biggest hydel power projects(Nag sagar and srisailam) are present in Telangana, why are Telangana districts been never supplied with Power, the districts which are heavily dependent on electricity for Irragation purposes….

    • “Who asked them to invest here???
      Did any one from Telangana come to their houses and asked them to invest here?”
      This is the most bullshit and frequently asked question by our fellow T region people. Looking at this question only tells us how folish and mindless these people are.
      Who are you to ask this question?
      Hyd is the state capital and its should be free zone if the state is to be split. No one has right to question that.

      • Hi Sri,
        Mee abhipraayam to nenu konta varaku ekeebavistunna…
        1. State capital kaabatti invest chesam ani..invest cheyadam valla develope ayindi ani..OK i accept..
        kaani invest cheyadaniki land ekkadinundi vachindi…
        Adi talanganalode kada…adi meeru illu..polaalu ammukoni vachi ikkada invest chesam ani meeru anochu…ayite mee illu..polaala cost anta ekkuva?..hyd lo land anta takkuva cost aa? asalu ela konagaligaru? fact entante Andhra investors ki Govt chala cheapga (veelaite freega) ichina land kaada? ex: Lanco hills, Satyam and Maytas lands
        Hyd pyna 10 Acres land kante ekkuva land kaligi unna owners list gurinchi Govt oka swetha patram release cheyamanandi..90% kante takkuna Andhra vaallu undaru…
        Annitikante mukyamaina vishayam entante “pedda manusula oppamdam” prakaram Andhra vaallu ikkada lands konakoodadu..(Similar to Agency area in Vizag)
        Mari meeru ela konagaligaru?
        2. “free zone” anna padam raajyaamgam lo ledu…kothaga Hyd kosam “Jai Andhra” udyamamlo Andhra vallu kanukkunna kotha padam idi…
        Hyd “Free Zone” ani prove cheyagalara?
        Ayina business chesukunevaadiki ee area ayite enti..Ippudu Bangalore lo business chesevaadu..”bangalore naade” ante vaallu oorukuntara?

        Mee abhipraayam enta varaku correct?

      • we ask this question because…
        Hyderabad is integral part of Telangana….
        If othere people have invested here, that doesnt mean it has to be given to them…
        So why didnt Andhra state take Madras from TamilNadu?? though 50% of people staying in Madras were Telugu people,.? Historically and Geographically Madras is considered part of Andhra…
        Andhra people had houses there…, they had invested their money there… but WHy did u ask Madras to be free Zone??
        Madras was capital from 1947 to 1953… these six years Andhra people have invested money there… but Why didnt they ask to Make Madras as Free zone???

      • correction… I mean Why didnt Andhra people ask for Madras to be made free zone then???
        I agree investors from Andhra region have invested here.. they have their money here… and properties here… People of Telangana are not taking their property….
        The investors can invest…. They can make their profits… Most of the Rayalaseema investors have invested lot of money in Bangalore…. they have properties, homes their… SO u want Bangalore to be free zone ???
        or You want to make Bangalore a union territory?? or you want to make Banglaore captial of Andhra Pradesh???

      • “Lanco hills, Satyam and Maytas lands
        Hyd pyna 10 Acres land kante ekkuva land kaligi”
        idi konna vallani adagandi…mamuulu ga vacchina Andhra vallu em chesaaru…Andhra vallu vacchi mingesaaru ani regional warfare enduku chesthunnaru…don’t u think u r playing with others sensitivities?
        Andhra vallu migesaaru antu gola chestha def ga T region vallu ante kasi maaku peruguthundi…meeku default ga mee matallo kasi vundi…inka ranarangam ga maaraka munde inka aapandi…
        Lanco hills, Satyam and other IT companies ni Andhra region ki move chesi 1950s lo buildings ee meeku isthe vuurukuntaara?
        poni cheap ga kottesaam annaru kada…kottesina land meeku enduku…daaniki padulu Andhra region lo vunna equivalent cost vunna land istham meeku ok na?
        Hyd develop ayyindi kada…teeseskundaam anee swardham okate kanapaduthondi mee andolana lo.
        fazal ali comm andi antunnaru kada developed and under developed regions kalapakuudadu ani…anduke T kaavali antunnaru kada…adee basis meeda Hyd and T should be separate…got it…

    • Turns out we have this notion called the ‘Indian Union’ where, you’ll be surprised to know, any Indian can invest in any part of the country as they wish. Heck, in many sectors, you don’t even need to be Indian to invest, as long as you meet certain criteria.

      Also, people generally invest to make money; you’re absolutely right in saying that money is the primary motive of investors. I’m not sure why that’s a problem.

      Consider, however, what has happened as a result: the prosperity of the entire region has improved significantly.

    • You are great entrepreneurs 😛 Why didn’t you start than to blame Govt?

      What major industries? Mehaboob ka mehandi started in Hyderabad only! Alwyn closed due to lazy blood sucking workers & management of Telanganaites.

      ” People of Andhra have invested money here… ok, fine.., but Who asked them to invest here???”

      Who are you ask? Stupid question from immatured illiterate! Ofcourse, they didn’t ask your father to give permission/permit. Govt invited investors and govt issued permits. If you have any issues, challenge in courts.

      Looks your whole family is in dark for past 53years! :))

  11. Though I do not support a separate state…, but what is the guarantee that years long agreements, which were not implemented in all these 53 years, will be implemented in future??

    What guarantee can you give that People of Telangana will get their RIGHTFUL share of Development, Employment, Resources, Revenue, Dignity??????????

    What percent of Employees do come from Telangana in Secretariat, High court ?? If you say Telangana people doesnt have enough skills to get those jobs, what have goverments done in all these 53 years to increase the skill set of people of Telangaaaanaaa??

    Do you have any Logical answers for all my questions above…?
    I am sure You will not have answers…. and These are only very few samples of Injustice done to Telangana….

    You say areas of some districts as back ward and consider those districts as back ward…, you will find those kind of back ward areas in All the districts of Telangana, will that mean entire Telangana is back ward?

    • Nobody can guarantee other than your stupid politicians who ate and drunk your blood and blaming Andhra people for that.
      In future also unless your politicians do something useful otherthan blame game, nothing is going to happen.
      State split ayithe poyedi first T region ee. Atleast ippati varuku T region lo edaina chesaaru ante adi Andhra valle…adi kuuda vaddu anukunte inka mimmalni aa devudu kuuda rakshinchaledu.

      • I agree politicians here are use less… politicians in Andhra are use less,… Politicians elese where in India are useless… if they were good… the situation of India wouldnt have been this today….
        but.. what if all the MLAs and MPs of this region stand united and vote for some development work… the work.. which Rayalaseema and Andhra want to be done in their regions??
        They still wont have majority to get that work done…, they wont get any support from MPs or MLAs of other regions… That work will be shited to other area of the state.. that is the problem we are talking about….
        Telangana.. lo Andhra vallu edho peeki… pedhaga udharincham anukuntunnaru… but Telangana independent ga vundi vunte… it would have developed lot…, adhi memu cheppedi…
        Andhra people emi cheyyaledhu ikkada…. seperate state laga vunte… Telangana vallu chesukune.. vallu… ok??

    • Whom you are asking gaurentee?! Have you outsourced ruling of Telangana to some company?!!

      Don’t Telangana people have representation in AP cabinet?! Your ministers are there in every cabinet, what for?! – ask them!

      Did anyone agitated for the ‘right causes’? Any self immolations? (NOT for politcal games of seperation ).



    • Good.. you are blaming that governments have not developed telangana in the last 530 years….sorry 53 years. And you are asking for guarantee card that they will develop the people of T in the future. Now i ask you one question directly. WHAT GUARANTEE can you give that when T is formed, whatever government comes to power or whoever sits in the CM chair, that he or she will do some justice to T ? again it will be the same story. Kukka buddhi ekkadiki pootundi ? Even if T is formed, again its the same old bastards who share power. Its going to be a repeat game again.. you will have to wait another 53 years to do agitations for justice for T people. Forming a new state and electing new dogs to power is just like OLD WINE IN A NEW BOTTLE. Nobody will do anything to Telangana or Andhra or India. They will develop themselves. No body is bothered about the common public. Every body wants to earn lots of money so that they can take that money holding in their hands when they die. Most of the politicians are so old that they even cannot sleep with a female. but they want lots of money.. dont know why.. They in turn rob people and buy properties and all nice imported cars. but do nothing to the public. its the fate of india. India vaastu baaledu… asalu manam andaram poyyi america vaadi chanka naakali.. vaallani choosi neeruchukoovali. Corruption unnanta kaalam Telangana occhina waste anna. Mana politicians dabbu koosam pandi penta tine rakaalu. Shevem meeda chillara paisal ettukune rakaalu. Jai telangana. Jai Andhra. Jai Samaikyandhra. Jai nuvvu.. jai nenu…

  12. Hello Vijay,
    Mee link sunitablogs lo choosa.Mee analysis chala bagundi pina oka commenter cheppinattu we need vision not division alage violence begets violence so dadi ki prathi dadi samdhanam kadu ila chesukuntu pothe antha vallakade.Antha Oka chota koorchuni matladukuni nashta pariharalu berij vesukuni vidipoina kalisina paravaledu.Anthe kani kalavataniki sakulu vidipovataniki karanalu vedukoovakkarledu.Kevalam Rajakeeya nirudyogula padavula kosam prabhutva private asthulu dwamsa chesukovatam adi e samvatsaram enno ashtakastalu padda mana rashtram lo.Evarina telangana enduku kavali ani vimrasanathmaka vyasam rasthe dantlo ippudu baga palgontunna nayakula charithra chebithe vini tatistam.

  13. thammudu.. nuvvu chala telisukovali.. Nee kante pedda jejammalu ee country lo chala mandi unnaru… Government of India and Govt.of AP kuda teliyani facts neeku telusante.. great mari..

    Remember..Throwing around some superficial facts or recent funds doesn’t reciprocrate for the injustice being done to us…. Here the problem is NOT only about money or development but also about SELF GOVERNANCE AND SELF RESPECT..


    Your efforts to enlightenment is always receptive to suspicion becoz you originate from Andhra.. This is subjective.. we can debate on it for ages…

    • :))
      mari okkOsaari okkOmaaTa anTaaru. O saari 610GO, Osaari gentlemen agreement, O saari Godawari water, Osaari Krishna water, O saari cinema vaaLLa meeda paDataaru, ippuDu ‘self-respect’ gurtukochchindaa?

      80s lO Begumpet airport lO Rajiv gandhi cheppulu mOsukochchindi mee telangaanaa CM ani gurtundaa? mari adee mee self-respect! :))

      Who cares for your sentiments when they are not sensible?! You ppl should learn that Telangana will NOT seperate as long as they talk/behave like civilized people!


  14. guys all political parties know these truths,some people who need power,some sturdents who never attend the classes in OU are fighting for the telanga. these political idoits are telling they wnt “self respect of telangana”

    they are working under sonia(who came from Italy) who does they attain self respect of telangana after dividing from AP.

    sipmpy they need power nothin else. some one take intiate to educate the telnagana people.

  15. Rakesh – My view is this is a governance issue that needs to be resolved via adding additional checks and balances via the parliamentary process.
    If a new state is formed, the same mistakes in creating the state political structures will remain, so unless we learn from the root cause of the failures, we are bound to repeat the same mistakes,

    more at

    • Maha-
      Ya even I support your view. But what kind of parliamentary process is in place that will do justice to Telangana people? out of 294 MLAs only 119 are from Telangana, out of 48 Mps only 22 are from this region.
      That means even if all the MLA’s or MPs of this region stand unitedly, they still will not have majority…
      Will the politicians from Coastal or Rayalseema sign on Bond papers, that if these issues are not resolved in say…. coming 15 years, they will hand over their properties to Govt of AP?
      What I meant to say… Where is the guarantee of Justice to People of Telangana??

      • they will simply repeat the same things, which they have been repeating all these 53 years..
        Poeple of Telangana hoped that justice will be done in 1969, 1973, 1985(610 G.O),after all those agreements were made. But simply they were never implemented.

        leave about all those issues.., Lets take the recent 610 GO. Late NT Rama Rao brought that GO., but it was never implemented till now. Its the longest pending GO in the history of AP.

        Stupids say that Hyderabad should be made union territory, but Governements of AP have always consider Development of Hyderabad as Development of A.P. Why they want it now?? Why politicians say it is not part of Telangana, when it is existing in the very heart of Telangana??

  16. Let me prove the bias of the author of this blog( who is trying to falsify the facts) using the references he provided.

    Item 3)
    7. Sown Area (2001) 3.65 Lakh Ha.
    8. Irrigated Area (2001) 2.62 Lakh Ha.

    7. Sown Area(2003) 13,41,845 acres
    8. Irrigated Area (2003) 6,78,197 acres

    Item 5
    Floride problem in Nalgonda does not compared to other districts. Its highlighted in international media. If the problem is serious in other districts they were in the media too. It means the problem in other districts are not comparable.


    If you really want to discuss regional imbalances read

    In 19th century, Irish had to migrate to USA because of the famine. By showing that example, Britishers can say “there are poor areas in Briton too. Its ridiculous for Indians to ask for independence. Let Britishers develop whole of British empire. We built cotton dam on Gadavari. we developed cities like Bombay, Madras.” Do you agree to that statement? Do you stop agitating for self rule?

    • babuu Rakesh,
      Telangana develop kaaledu ante akkadi politicians valle…
      basara vella recent ga…on the way street lights kinda akkadakkada blubs pettaru…entra babu development anthaga ledu ee area lo anukunna…
      So I agree theres not much development in some areas…
      andaru Hyd develop kavali anukunnaru politicians…reason valla properties vunnayi akkada…
      kaani madhyalo andhra vallu em chesaaru…migesaaru thokka tholu ante maaku manduddi.
      69 lo agitation chesaam annaru baane vundi…69 em chesaaru…kottimeera kaada chuupinchinchi Andhra vallani tarimi tarimi kottaru…papam govt jobs kosam vellina vallani pillalu ani kuuda chuudakunda chitakabaadaru…ideena agitation?
      5 acres godavari lo ammi, 20 acres nalgonda jilla lo raayi rappa vunna bhuumi koni baagu cheskuni maagani chesi pandinchukuntunte kallu kutti tarimesaaru….idi akkadi janaala neethi…
      andhra vaadu migesaadu ani gole thappa naa kodukulu mee politicians em peekaaru ani adigaara okka rojaina?

      • babu… Sri…
        Alanti panulu chese vallani nenu support cheyyanu…
        but that can be because of Frustation…, Ignorance or Personal vengeance…
        Andhra vallu mingesaaru… anadam… thappe.. I agree… but the problem is in Admistration area….
        Normal people tho ye problem ledhu .. ok??
        If some farmer from Andhra working hard and earning money in Telangana… its not wrong.. we dont have any problem with that…
        If some Big Infrastructure company from Andhra invest here in T region and make money .. we dont have any problem..
        ALl we are aksing is to Provide a way so that the farmer of this area can earn his living… provide a way that a small bussiness merchant can become BIg investment in future….
        Provide a way where the eligible Degree holders get their rightful share of Employment…
        Provide a way where the students of this region gets their rightful number of seats for their higher education….

  17. Vijay,
    You say not all the areas of some districts will have three crops a year…
    -There is not even a single district in Telangana, where people will have three crops a year.
    You say Mahabub Nagar district depends on Borewells historically,
    –so why didnt govts try to changes this When Krishna is flowing through this district??
    You also mean that all the regions of Costal were utilising river water even before British ruled India?”?
    Lot of land has been brought into cutlivation in these 53 years in coastal disticts, when they were able to bring that land into cultivation in Krishna, Godavari and Guntur districts. Why didnt they do it in Mahabub Nagar or Telangana districts??

    After Independence., cultivated land in Telangana increased by 1.7% where as in Coastal Andhra it increased by 4%. This is the Injustice which we are talking about.
    And your comparision between Guntur and Karimnagar is Silly…
    Do u think Karminagar is as cultivated as Guntur?? There should be some logic……readers of this blog, think before u believe something is true.

    • “You say Mahabub Nagar district depends on Borewells historically,
      –so why didnt govts try to changes this When Krishna is flowing through this district?”

      ikkada govt andhra di kaadu…edaina area lo problems ni aa area politicians chepte kaani evadiki teliyadu.
      Andhra CM ayina seema CM ayina local issues resolve cheyyalsindi local politicians ee. Mahabub nagar MLA, MPs ayina vallandrini em peekaru ani adagandi…
      70s agitation lo chenna reddy mimmalni ditch chesaadu…CM ayyadu…ayyaka em peekadu? Nizam kalam lo development jaringindi ani KCR ante vaadu manisha pasuva anipisthondi…

      • Hi Sri,
        Nuvvu eppudaina edaina Telangana praantaanii vellava…En telusu neeku…Conclusion ki vachesi edi maataladakudadu..vishaya parignaanam penchukoni cheppali edaina…
        1. Govt lo undi telangana vaadyna, adikaaram unnadi adi implement chese Secratariatlo unnadi andhra valle..Nuvvannade nijamyte Rayalaseema vaallu CMga inta kaalam unna Developement lo Talangana kante enduku venakapadi undi…Ante adikaram unna lekapoyina only andhra naayakule pani chesaru kaani telangana, and Rayalaseema nayakulu pani cheyaledana?
        Mahaboob nagar lone dam kadite krishna ki neellu raavu..Anduke andhra naayakulu akkada katta nivvadam ledu..nidhulu docukuntunnaru..
        2. Nizam kaalam lo pantalu baaga pandataniki 8 projects design chesaru Meer ali jung ane engineer to..Alaage Golusu kattu cheruvulato telangana subeekshanga undedi…Karima Nagar independance vachenatiki one of the richest place in India…adi telusa neeku..
        kaani Nizam lo problem entante vallu 50% pannulu vasoolu chesevallu..anduvalla prajalu kastalu apddaru ayinappatiki appudu pantalu baaga pandevi..abivruddi banne undedi..
        kaani 1947 nundi 1948 september varaku Telangana ki swwatantram raani kaalamlo rajakarlu dochukovadam valla prajalu Nizam ni vyatirekincharu ante kaani Nizam chedda vaadu kaadu..
        vasooolu chesina 50% pannulato Hyd ni chaala develope chesadu Nizam..
        ippatiki Assembly, High court and MLA quarters ilantivanni Nizam ve kaani Andhra naayakulu kattinavi kaadu..

      • so you meant to say… a MLA from that region or 5 MLAs from this region ask for a Irrigation project in this area… the Govt of AP say yes to that and start building the Project…
        that is not happening…. people of this district have been driven towards bore wells because they were not provided with river water…
        read about Rajoli banda diversion scheme… which is supposed to provide water to Mahabub Nagara… Leaders from Raylseema blasted the project with Explosives….
        because it will stop water to their region…

      • @Mahendar
        “Govt lo undi telangana vaadyna, adikaaram unnadi adi implement chese Secratariatlo unnadi andhra valle”
        So meeku prob ekkada ani telusu 🙂
        Mundu Vishaya parignaanam tamariki avasaram…
        mottham panulu secratariat lone ayipothayi ante inka prob em vundi…
        ayithe aa secratariat lo vunna Andhra vaadine chitakkotti cheyyinchukondi pani…
        pratee Andhra vallani ante vuurukoru evaru…

        “Ante adikaram unna lekapoyina only andhra naayakule pani chesaru kaani telangana, and Rayalaseema nayakulu pani cheyaledana?”
        neeku naaku teliyandemundi basu…ee prantha naayakudaina prajalaki edaina chesaada?
        Andhra mundu nunchi developed gaane vundi…and akkadi prajalu akkadi nayakulanu niladeesa la vuntaaru.
        Also balisina vallu vuntaaru kanuka ekkuva mandi rajakeeyallo vunnaru and competition perigina koddi edaina koddo goppo cheyyakapothe andaru vummestharu ani telusu…
        idee case same kaadu T area lo. Akkada peeda prajalaki em teliyadu…evado 5 yrs oka saari vacchi naalugu manchi maatalu chepte vote vesesthunnaru…
        ee agitation thappu anadam ledu…proper direction lo pettandi ee aavesaanni antunnanu…
        intha aavesham andhra vallani thittadaaniki…separate avvadaaniki vaaduthunnadu…adee aavesham development ki vaadithe ee paatiki politicians andaru kukkalla vacchi chese vallu…
        ee force tho central meeda pressure petti special packages tecchukuni prajalee monitor chesthe develop kaka pothunda?
        kaani ala kaakunda wrong way lo velthondi vudyamam…wrong intentions tho politicans vala lo paduthunnaru prajalu…
        ila andhra vallandarini thitti easy ga separate ayyi happy ga vundagalara?
        Andhra vallallo kuuda patience pothondi…
        adee jarigindi monna…
        OU vallu over chesaaru…memu cheyyalema maaku cheemu netthuru leda ani AU vallu chesaaru…
        vallakante ekkuva ippudu OU chesthondi…
        Already 60 cases register ayyayi hyd lonee…Andhra valla meeda jaringa attacks!!

        center pressure ki “ayithe vaake” ani T icchesthe raktapaatam modalavuthundi…

        ala kaakunda idi problem…address cheyyandi…ani pressure pettithe aa energy antha vupayogam vuntundi…

    • “After Independence., cultivated land in Telangana increased by 1.7% where as in Coastal Andhra it increased by 4%. This is the Injustice which we are talking about.
      And your comparision between Guntur and Karimnagar is Silly…
      Do u think Karminagar is as cultivated as Guntur?? There should be some logic”
      ikkada logic kaadu babu…govt link proof kinda icchadu. inkem kaavali neeku?
      Andhra 4% perigithe adi injustice ela avuthundi…mee chetakaani thanam valla cultivation ledu…

      • Hi Sri,
        Govy links proof ichada..emi ichadu…
        Irrigationlo undi ante daanartham Canal kinda ani kaadu…
        Major, Medium and Minor irrigation kinda unna land matrame Canals kinda unnattu…Migata land cheruvulu, Bore lato to cultivate avutunnattu..
        Ade links lo Major, Medium and Minor ni sum chesi choodu difference neeke artam avutundi..
        1168252 Acres – Krishna
        0741847 Acres – Karim Nagar
        Aa document 2001 statistics pyna base ayi undi..appatiki aa statement correct..Kaani ade timelo mee statement kuda wrong…Krishna kante Karim Nagar lo Canals kinda cultivate ayye land ekkuva kaadu…
        English kuda raani moorkulu ikkada reply istunnaru..superb ani..
        Poorthiga chadavandi..

      • adhi chetha kaaani thanam ani meeru anukuntunnaru…..
        adhi nissahaya sthithi…… prathidhi ikkada janala chetha kaani thanam ane apoha…. Mi area politiciana … ma area politicians alanti apoha ni create chesaaru..
        Injustice endhuku antunnam .. ante… telangana lo equal pace tho irrigation endhuku develop cheyyaledhu ani..
        dont say… we dont have water resources… 75% of the total length of the godavari river in AP flows in Telangana region… ..
        River Krishna enters AP in Telangana region….

      • @Rakesh
        “adhi chetha kaaani thanam ani meeru anukuntunnaru…..
        adhi nissahaya sthithi…… prathidhi ikkada janala chetha kaani thanam ane apoha”
        chetha kaani thanam annanu ani badha ga vundi…
        kaani nenu frustrate ayya…ekadikellina Andhra vallu migesaaru, mosham chesaaru, betrayal antunte naaku mandindi…aa avesham lo chethakaani thanam annanu…sorry.
        But idi proper direction kaadu…
        inka mosham chesaaru anee maata memu vinalem…aveshaalu ku mammalni kuuda lone cheyyaddu…
        meeru entha sensitive oo memu anthe…
        evado migaadu ani andarini kalipi anadam bhavyam kaadu…

        ee energy ni proper direction lo pettandi…
        development kosam Andhra, Seema, Telangana regions andaru cheri center meeda pressure petti special package tecchukundaam…tecchukuni T region ni develop cheddam.
        meere monitor cheyyandi…
        let there be special regional developmental force…let the issue be solved…
        solution is not separation…
        if you argue separation is the only criteria, then you get T but never ever will get Hyd…
        got it?

      • Feasible kaadu, cost ekkuvoutundi ani anni projects mee daggara kattukoni meere aa benefitsni enjoy cheste mari Telangana en cheyali. Talanganalo Lift irrigation kastamyte mari Telangana pyna unna Maharashtra ela chestundi? vaalu freega neellani AP ki vadilestunnara ippudu?
        Mundu nuvvu aalochinchu?

    • “You also mean that all the regions of Costal were utilising river water even before British ruled India?”?”

      Yes stupid YES! No one manually diverted rivers from flowing in to oceans! May be only Telangana people can do that under the leadrship of KCR & Hareesh Rao with JayaSankar as advisor! 😀

      Let me be stupid like you for a while…:)

      Why are you sending your Godavri & Krishna on us? Keep & hold it for yourself! 😛


      • Raskel,
        how dare u have
        to quote to Prof.Jayashanker sir name here,


  18. Hi brother,

    This information is useful for people who will give false stmts and ask telangana…
    if they ask telangan with valid reasons then the andhra people have no problem…
    but the way they are asking htis ishurting every andhra region people…

    even educated people also are not htinking properly…

    i had forwarded this mail to all of my friends

  19. Your analysis sounds very superficial..

    I would like to comment about your fifth point.
    The problem of fluorosis in Nalgonda.

    i have been reading about fluoride problem in Nalgonda district many times in newspapers since 1995 way before the Telangana issue came into fray.

    The fluorosis problem is way high in Nalgonda compared to other districts. Fluoride levels below 0.5 mg/L create fluoride deficiency in humans and above 1.5 mg/L are deemed to be harmful in humans. In AP in around 20 distritcs the levels are above 1.5 mg/L as per the AP govt web link that you have provided.

    In Nalgonda, in most of the district it ranges around 4. In some of the villages even higher 10 to 12 and even reaching 20 in some places…

    Refer to the following links that I found through a simple Google search:
    Here you will find lot of information under the fluorosis section.

    Also can you explain what is RWS.
    Also the problem is and will be compounded in Nalgonda district as farmers depend a lot on borewells as they do not have access to the canal water. There are around hundreds of thousands of bore wells in this district. This brings the underground water onto the surface and the fluoride enters into the crops and hence enters into the human system sometimes reaching toxic levels.

    I have tried to collect the information about fluorosis levels in ground water in other districts. I have started with Guntur district. i could not find ready-made information except for some recent scientific papers on Guntur district. a cursory glance has revealed the fluorosis levels of around 2.
    “A preliminary report on fluoride content in groundwaters of Guntur area, Andhra Pradesh, India.”
    current science vol 75, No 9, november 1998

    I would appreciate if you can publish info on what are the fluoride levels in other districts.
    Also if you could tell the status of RWS schemes, when were they started, when were they completed, how much water is being supplied by them…
    And as i have told supplying fluoride-free water for drinking purpose alone is not sufficient… even for farming fluoride free water needs to be provided, else the water from borewells will enter into humans through top layer of soil and foods grown here…

  20. Where is the self respect of telangana people, when KCR praised NIZAM, who had done telugu women to play bathukamma without cloths ?

    Who helped the telengana people with food, fuel, shelter, manpower and arms for the fighting with devilish NIZAM ? The so called “Dongalu” only even before Andhra formation

    Whom u can call “Kruthaghnudu” ?

    How a telugu person at hyderabad(State capital) called as settler, where the telangana leaders praise Settler No 1 (Sonia), Settler no 2 (LK Advani), Settler no 3 (Manmohansingh) as gods and fell on the their feet? Where is the so called self respect?

    • Evado Nijam Nawaab Telugu vaanni avamaaninchadu, dochukunnadu ante artam undi kaani memu mee brothers mi cheppi saati telugu vaade avamaaninchi dochukunte..vaanni emanali..Nawab kante durmargudu kaada? Capital kuda leni paniki maalina “Andhra Raastram” kaavaalani kutra panni hyderabad ni dochukoleda? Meeru matram Bathukamma pandaga ki respect emi ichearu? Chinnappudu “Atla Tadde” ane lesson maaku books lo undi..mari “Batukamma” ledenti? aa dikku malini “atla tadde”, nenu inta varaku choodaledu..chesukoledu.. mari adi matram books lo enduku undi? Bathukamma pandaga chesukoni bathukamma ni cheruvulo vadilestaru. Nizam kaalam lo neellu saripada undi kaneesam celebrate chesukoni vadalataniki neellu ayina unnayi. Mari Andhra paalanalo aa neellu kuda levu kada? Mari Andhra vallu Nizam kante ee rakamga better?

      2. A telugu person settled at telangana is a settler. Mari “Sonia”, “Advani” and “Manmohan” telugu valla? settlers kaavadaniki? Nijaaniki ippudu Andhra telugu vaadu tappa andaru Telangana ki mitrule.
      Asalu Andhra vallu telugu vaalla?
      Tamil maatlade valladi “Tamil Nadu”,
      Kannada maatlade valladi “Karnataka”,
      Marathi maatlade valladi “Maharashtra”,
      Mari so called Telugu maatlade valladi “Andhra Pradesh” ela ayindi? nijaniki ee “telugu rasthram” ayi undali kada? Asalu telugu vallu “Telangana” vallu.
      Print media ki mundu vachinanta matraana “Andhra” valladi asalyna “telugu” kaadu. Kaadu. Kaadu.


  21. Let me simplify.
    Andhra brothers just fighting for hyderabad.
    Kalisivundam brothers laga!!! that’s all fake and rubbish(united andhra is Illision and Telangana is reality)
    They are just fighting for our water and hyd.
    They don’t need anything.
    Andhraites invested money on land and they want to protect it.
    It is better to seperate as brothers before situations worsens,I am sure if agitations continue like this situation will be out of hands(so called attacked on settlers).
    Andhra Brothers!! wake up telagana is genuine demand.It came from peoples heart.

    • If Telangana is a reality let it be. You have every right to voice your opinion and concerns and Andhra Pradesh people also have every right to voice their opinion. Your veiled threat only exposes your intentions.
      Brother, We are living in democracy. If you are saying that you will vandalize so called settlers lives if Telangana is not given. Its not a right way to demand something. Please do not resort to blackmailing tactics.

    • “seperate as brothers”
      oka pakka brothers la separate avudaam antunnaru…
      oka pakka nunchi andhra vallu betray chesaaru, mosham chesaaru, maa lands kaajesaaru antunnaru…
      antha contradicting ga matladuthunnaro aloochinchandi…
      Now this is fake and rubbish…
      Separate Telangana with Hyd is a illusion…you can never achieve your selfish intent…

  22. “As was pointed out by some members here, the income from hyderabad and rangareddy districts forms a major share of this income. This income
    mostly comes from the sectors of Real Estate, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and IT industries. Not to instigate any regional feelings here, but it is worth noting that many of these companies (excluding IT sector to some extent) are owned by non-Telanganites. ”

    This just proves you enter someone else’s house, earn your livelihood at the cost of “sub-standard” natives, fill up govt. offices with ppl from your parts, impose your filthy movie-culture upon them, and your braindead education system, and then claim that all development is yours. Just the way Britsh used India. Doesnt work that way brother!

    But its not just investment. Sincere investors can invest elsewhere when the situation continues to be so unstable. Andhra real-estate barons and investmentment kings like Lagadapati have so many irregularities in Hyderabad that it is definite that they will come surely out once Telangana is given. That guy is just fighting for his life.

  23. Sare kastappadavu kaani…

    Tell me clearly why everyone were for seperate T..

    ne priyatama naayakud CBN kuda T kosam Center ki letter raasindu kada..appudu oka blog yenduku rayale ?

    Arr tammi.. andar T ne mosam chesetolle raa.. neevu KMM la unde.. A sopati nunchi itla rastunanvu gaani.. okkasari Telangana trip kottu.. tarvata nee istam ochinde rai..

    • @Abhi
      T ni real ga mosham chesthundi…neelandi valle…
      avesanni development ki use cheyyakunda….avathava vallani blame cheyyadaanike use chesthunnaru…
      separation ki chese gola okka roju kuuda development ki band enduku cheyyaledu?
      Telangan Trip memu kottaledu…nuvvu chinnappati nunchi koduthunnav kada…mari em peekinaav ippati varuku?

  24. KCR-Go back.Leave Hyderabad.Please develop other areas of Andra pradesh.Hyderabad all developed.

    Nee abba ,vaalla abba ,from Sreekakulam varu.

    Dabbu kosam Telugu varinee vidadeyakura.

    We are all living in good mood.We are getting married in both the reagions .Making good friend ships.

    Now a days TV channels covering all culctures .
    No one is forcing to change culcture.Its all KCR game and TDP’s Political survival.And Happy Congress at center.

    Dear brothers and Siser come out of Political emotionl blackmailing.

  25. Regarding point 3)

    The links that you provided are
    inconsistent with respect to guntur and I have explained their inconsistencies below.

    Guntur and karimnagar

    Actually in Guntur district more than 11,16667 acres are irrigated for the first crop, and around 7 lakh acres are irrigated get for two crops. With pulichinthala some areas will get even water for third crop.

    Refer to this site to get an idea of district wise allocations using Nagarjuna sagar project

    Ayacut District-wise
    Contemplate Localized
    (acres) (acres)
    Nalgonda 3,97,000 3,81,022
    Khammam 2,75,000 2,76,633
    Krishna 3,68,305 3,70,681
    West Godavary 6,734 2,244
    Guntur 7,01,999 6,68,541
    Prakasam 4,71,999 4,44,729

    refer to the site:
    and you will get district wide allocations of all major, medium and minor projects in Andhra Pradesh.
    (Add them up for Guntur and Karimnagar and see them for your selves)

    For Praksam barrage district wise allocation is:

    Ayacut District-wise (lakh acres)

    West Godavary : 0.58
    Guntur : 4.99
    Krishna : 6.80
    Prakasam : 0.72

    So Guntur under just Prakasam Barrage and Nagarjuna sagar alone is getting 4.99 + 6,68,541 = 11,67,541 lakhs acres of irrigation.

    Guntur TOTAL = major + medium + minor
    = 11,67,541 + 27,000 + 24,585
    = 12,48,541

    Karimnagar has Sriram sagar as the major project.

    Medium irrigation projects in Karimnagar:
    (Ayacut utilized in acres)
    Boggula Vagu: 4000 Acres
    Upper manair: 8988 acres
    shanigaram: 3000 acres

    Total: 15,988 acres

    Minor irrigation:

    Project Ayacut created
    Jagityal Division 79,313
    Karimnagar Division 52,353

    Total : 1,64,666

    Total for Karimnagar from Sriramsagar + medium + minor irrigation + Lift
    = 5,42,9009 + 15,988 + 1,64,666 + 7015
    = 7,30,569 acres

    Krishna district
    Name of the Project Ayacut Created Ayacut Utilised

    1. Prakasam, Barrage 13,08,849 13,08,849
    2. Nagarjuna Sagar 3,78,014

    Total major : 16,86,863

    total = major + medium + minor
    = 16,86,863 + 21352 + 103484
    = 18,11,699

    West godavary
    Name of the Project AyacutCreated AyacutUtilised

    1. GODAVARI DELTA SYSTEM 5,20,207 4,54,197 ac.
    2. KRISHNA DELTA SYSTEM 58,471 40,852 ac.
    Total 5,78,678 4,95,022 ac

    Total = major + medium + minor = 4,95,022 + 12,500 + 1,43,202 = 6,50,724 acres

    East Godavari

    Delta Ayacut in acres
    1. Godavari Eastern (including Pithapuram Branch canal) 2,81,303
    2. Godavari Central 2,01,896
    3. Godavari Western 5,29,962

    Total 10,13,161

    Total = major + medium + minor
    = 10,13,161 + 48,070 + 1,69,889
    = 12,31,120


    Nagarjuna Sagar : 3.6810Lakh acres
    Medium: 57,929
    Minor : 96,119 + 1,45,397
    Total: 6,67,545

    Sriram Sagar phase I : 2,57,200
    Medium: 42,288
    Minor: 1,87,276

    Total: 4,86,764


    NagarjunaSagar: 2,29,010
    Medium: 68,941
    Minor: 1,62,643
    Lift: 55,100

    Total: 5,15,694

    NizamSagar : 2,31,339
    SriRam Sagar: 17,484

    Medium: 21,545
    Minor: 79,665

    Total : 3,50,033


    Kaddam : 46,700
    Sriram sagar: 30,897
    total : 77,597

    medium: 43,448
    minor: 1,00,279

    Total: 2,21,324

    Major(Singur: Not yet completed) : 40,000
    Medium: 4,469 + 5000 = 9469
    Minor: 1,36,684

    Total : 1,86,153


    Rajolibanda Diversion Scheme 55,000

    1. Koilsagar Project 12000 12000
    2. Sarlasagar project 4185 4185

    146751 + 32339(Lift)

    Total: 2,50,275

    11797 under medium.
    Minor: 83,696
    Total: 83696 + 11797 = 95,493

    Total 9 districts of Telangana:

    Karimnagar : 7,30,569
    Nalgonda : 6,67,545
    Warangal : 4,86,764
    Khammam : 5,15,694
    Nizambad : 3,50,033
    MahbubNagar: 2,50,275
    Medak : 1,86,153
    Adilabad : 2,21,324
    Rangareddy : 95,493

    Total Telangana(9 districts) : 35,03,850

    Krishna Western Delta : 10,402
    Nagarjuna sagar: 4,44,729
    Medium: 15100
    Minor: 114854
    Lift: 72,517

    Total: 6,57,602

    Pennar River Canal system 2,47,000

    Medium: 10,263
    minor: 2,62,739
    Lift: 417 + 356 + 524 + 1933 + 532 + 172 + 7356 = 11,290

    Total : 5,31,292


    Major (Thandava) : 29,026
    Medium: 15,444 + 11,398 + 4,484 + 159 = 60,511
    Minor: 1,77,189

    Total: 2,66,726

    Medium: 5153 + 15,378 + 9,426 + 4200 + 3753 + 6617 + 17,364 + 41,708 + 24,700 = 1,28,299

    Minor: 1,34,000 + 2330 = 1,36,330

    Total: 2,64,629


    Medium: 69,373
    Minor: 1,66,034

    Total: 2,35,407


    1. KC Canal 1,73,268
    2. TBP LLC 1,51,134
    3. Rajolibanda Diversion Scheme 1,312
    4. Telugu ganga: 1,08,000
    total major: 3,25,714

    Medium: 29,212

    Minor: 66,064

    total: 4,20,990


    Pulivendla canal: 2020

    Telugu ganaga : 1,67,000
    Medium: 9072 + 3221 + 2203 + 13000 = 27,496

    Minor + Lift = 75,043

    Total : 2,69,539

    Telugu ganga: 47,300
    Medium: 5500 + 10200 + 4650 + 3950 + 6125 + 2180 + 1700 + 224 = 34,529
    Minor: 1,39,171

    Total: 2,21,000

    Major: 77,081
    Medium: 30,470
    Minor: 89,480

    Total: 1,97,031


    Coastal Andhra:

    Krishna : 18,11,699
    Guntur : 12,48,541
    East Godavari : 10,13,161
    West Godavari : 6,50,724
    Praksam : 6,57,602
    Nellore : 5,31,292
    Vishakapatnam : 2,66,726
    Vijayanagaram : 2,64,629
    Srikakulam : 2,35,407

    (Total 9 districts of coastal Andhra : 6679781)

    Total 9 districts of Telangana:

    Karimnagar : 7,30,569
    Nalgonda : 6,67,545
    Khammam : 5,15,694
    Warangal : 4,86,764
    Nizambad : 3,50,033
    MahbubNagar: 2,50,275
    Adilabad : 2,21,324
    Medak : 1,86,153
    Rangareddy : 95,493

    Total Telangana(9 districts) : 35,03,850


    Kurnool : 4,20,990
    Kadapa : 2,69,539
    Chittoor : 2,21,000
    Anantapur : 1,97,031

    Total 4 districts of Rayalaseema : 11,08,560

    (The website has figures uptil 2004. I have included that of Nagarjuna Sagar and Telugu Ganga. Nizam sagar in Nizamabad is heavily silted and provides water only for a few thousand acres. But for calculation purposes I have included its original capacity of 2.3 lakh acres.)

    Top 4 districts of coastal andhra:
    Krishna : 18,11,699
    Guntur : 12,48,541
    East Godavari : 10,13,161
    West Godavari : 6,50,724

    Total: 47,24,125

    Top 4 districts of Telangana:
    Karimnagar : 7,30,569
    Nalgonda : 6,67,545
    Khammam : 5,15,694
    Warangal : 4,86,764

    Total: 24,00,572

    The top three districts in coastal Andhra get more water than the combined water of the 9 Telangana districts.

    Bottom 3 districts of coastal Andhra:
    Vishakapatnam : 2,66,726
    Vijayanagaram : 2,64,629
    Srikakulam : 2,35,407

    Total: 766762

    Bottom 4 districts of Telangana:
    MahbubNagar: 2,50,275
    Adilabad : 2,21,324
    Medak : 1,86,153
    Rangareddy : 95,493

    Total: 7,53,245

    Total 9 districts of coastal Andhra : 66,79,781
    Total Telangana(9 districts) : 35,03,850
    Total 4 districts of Rayalaseema : 11,08,560

    Total Irrigation (in acres) for AndhraPradesh
    = Coastal Andhra + Telangana + Rayalaseema
    = 1,12,92,191

    Share of Coastal Andhra = 59%
    Share of Telangana = 31%
    Share of Rayalaseema = 10%

    Population (%)
    Telangana: (40%)
    Coastal Andhra: (43%)
    Rayalaseema: (17%)

    Telangana has a population of 40% but gets a water share of only 31% in Andhra Pradesh.
    Coastal Andhra has a population share of 43% but gets a water share of 59%.
    This is inspite of the fact that 80% and 70% of Godavari and Krishna river catchment areas in Telangana.

    Since they are deprived of canal waters, many of the Telangana farmers are dependent on bore wells for farming. There are thousands of bore wells in many distritcs of Telangana. Bore well farming is very costly due to the initial installation and later due to huge power bills. That is why there have been many agitations in this area for free power. (Basheer Bagh shootout incident etc.,)

    • Also all these figures have been taken from the govt website.

      But govt is not fair in reporting the irrigated land. The std practice is to consider that 1 TMC irrigates 10 acres of land. But in case of Telangana sometimes they consider 1 TMC irrigating 15 acres of land and in Andhra they consider it as irrigating 3 – 6 acres of land.

      So if you calculate the irrigated land in the same way in both the regions the irrigated land in Telangana becomes much less than 31%.

      Also a significant chunk of irrigated land in Telangana comes from minor and lift projects which are not very viable and are not guaranteed always.. so the numbers turn out to be against Telangana further.

      • You may do your research else where and share the outcome! Please don’t spread your note-book here! :))

        I don’t think the blogger would EDUCATE you here! 😛


    • @Lakshmi

      baaga analyze chesavammai…
      kaani separate state ki ee pai analysis ki link kuaradam ledee…
      problem ni address cheyyandi…anthe kaani regional warfare kaadu.
      You are not realizing…meeru chese gola valla ee roju veedu ee region vaadu..vaadu ee region vaadu ani kottha thought vasthondi…
      tv9 vaadu kula gajji vadalandi ani ad isthuntaadu…
      its not far we have to fight for another new social problem called “prantha gajji”
      already aa KCR naa koduku vidveshalu pechesaadu….burra vunna mana laanti valle inka ala vunte inka ee deshaanni em cheyyalem…

      • Lakshmi gaaru,
        “SRI” lanti moorkulaku enta cheppina chevitivaadi mundu shankam oodinatte…
        KUHANA medhavi ki perfect example ee Sri gaaru…Sri gaarini avamanaparachadam naa uddeshyam kaadu.. kaani..Poorthiga avagaahanaleni vishayalapyna ithanilanti vallu ekkuva vaadistaru…
        Nindu kunda tonakadu kaali kunda ki tonikina nastam ledu kaani sagam kunda lanti vaadu mana SRI and Vijay.
        Ee site to vaallu adige anni prashnalaku 100% samadanulu dorikine vaadistunnaru alaage Telangana samasyalaku okka samadanam kuda cheppaleka..topic divert cheyadaniki “Mee nayakulu…” leda “KCR…” antu ededo maatladutunnaru..
        Avagahana penchukune prayatnam cheyakunda vaadinchadaniki annattuga undi ee forum..
        No doubt ee blog oka scrap…


  26. మెదక్ జిల్లా నేలలో పండే ద్రాక్ష తోటల్ని కోస్తాంధ్ర నేలలో పండించగలరా ? కోనసీమలో పెరిగే కొబ్బరి తోటల్ని ,
    ఒంగోలులో పెంచే పొగాకు తోటల్ని తెలంగాణలో పండిచగలరా ? ఏ పంటకు సరిపడా భౌగోళిక , వాతావరణ పరిస్తితులు
    ఆయా పంటలకు అనుకూలం . ఒకవేళ అవి ఇక్కడ ఇవి అక్కడ పండిచాలని ప్రయోగాలతో ప్రయత్నిస్తే , ఇండియా లాంటి
    పేద దేశంలో అది అవివేకమవుతుంది . వంద రూపాయల రాబడికి వెయ్యి రూపాయల ఖర్చు అవుతుంది .

    ఈ విషయం ఎందుకు చర్చిస్తున్నానంటే , గత ప్రభుత్వాల్లో , ప్రస్తుత ప్రభుత్వంలో తెలంగాణలో ఏ ప్రాజెక్టు నిర్మించాలన్నా
    విలువలులేని కారణాలను చెప్పి ప్రజలను రెచ్చగొడుతున్నారు .
    దేవాదుల ప్రాజెక్టు మొదలు పెట్టినపుడు , తుంపర్ల సేద్యం మొదలు పెట్టినపుడు , తెలంగాణాకు తుంపర్లు ,
    ఆంధ్రకు కాలవుల్లో నీళ్ళా ? అని ప్రజలను రెచ్చగొట్టి ప్రాజెక్టులను ముందుకు వెళ్ళనివ్వలేదు .
    రాయలసీమలో ఎక్కడో తుంపర్ల సేద్యం మొదలు పెడితే , వారికి ఆధునిక వసతులు మనకు పనికిరాని కాలవలు అని
    జనాల్ని వంచించారు .
    ( ప్రతిధ్వని సినిమాలో పరుచూరి గోపాలకృష్ణ డైలాగులు గుర్తుకువచ్చేవి – వారు ఈ మాటలు అన్నప్పుడల్లా )

    తెలంగాణా ప్రాంత నేల ఎక్కువ శాతం రాతి పొరల నేల . రాతి పొర నేలల్లో నీరు ఎక్కువ నిలబడదు . లోనికి ఇంకుతుంది .
    అరటి , చెరకు లాంటి కొన్ని నీటి నిల్వ పంటలకు ఆనేల అంత అనుకూలం కాదు . రాతి పొరలనుడి నీటిని
    గ్రహించే పంటలకు ఇది అనువైన నేల . ఇలాంటి నేలలో తుంపర్ల సేద్యం లాభదాయకం .
    కోస్తాంద్ర ప్రాంత నేల ఎక్కువ శాతం బంక మట్టి , రేగడి నేల .
    ఈ నేల ద్రాక్ష , సీతా ఫలం లాంటి పంటలకు అంత అనుకూలం కాదు .
    వేర్లు రాతి పొరల్లో చొచ్చుకు పోయే లాంటి పంటలకు ఈ నేల అనువు కాదు .

    ఆంధ్ర మొక్క వంద లీటర్ల నీళ్ళు తాగుతుంది .. తెలంగాణా మొక్కకు వంద లీటర్లు కావాలంటే అది అవివేకం అవుతుంది .
    తెలంగాణా బొగ్గు ఆంధ్ర పారిశ్రామిక అవసరాలకు కావలి . ఆంధ్ర సహజ వాయువు తెలంగాణా గృహ అవసరాలకు కావాలి .
    ఆహార పంటలకు అనువైన నేలలో ఆహార పంట వెయ్యాలి . వాణిజ్య పంటలకు అనువైన నేలలో వాణిజ్య పంట వెయ్యాలి .
    ఆపిల్ పంటను హిమాచల్ నుంచి ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ తీసుకు రావాలంటే అది అవివేకమవుతుంది . దానికి తగిన వాతావరణ పరిస్తితునిల్ని
    ఆ పైవాడు సృష్టించాలి .

  27. మహబూబ్ నగర్ జిల్లాలో వరంగల్ జిల్లాతో పోలిస్తే చదువుకున్న (అక్షరాస్యత) వారు తక్కువ.
    మహబూబ్ నగర్ జిల్లాలో వరంగల్ వారు ఉద్యోగాలు చేయడం లేదా ?
    సికింద్రాబాద్ లో రైల్వే ఎగ్జామ్స్ జరిగితే ఎక్కడో బీహార్ నుంచి వచ్చి ఎగ్జామ్స్ రాస్తున్నారు
    ఎక్కడో అలహాబాద్ లో లోకల్ బ్యాంకు ఎగ్జామ్స్ జరిగితే ఆంధ్ర, కేరళ నుంచి వెళ్లి ఎగ్జామ్స్ రాస్తున్నారు.
    ఒక ప్రాంతం వారు ఇంకొక ప్రాంతంలో చదువుతున్నారు, ఉద్యోగాలు చేస్తున్నారు.
    ఇది పోటీ ప్రపంచం, ప్రజాస్వామిక దేశం. ఎవరు ఎక్కడైనా నివసించ వచ్చు.
    సింగరేణి లో అందరు ఖమ్మం వారే వున్నారా ? నిజామాబాద్ వాళ్ళు పని చేయడం లేదా ?
    నాకు తెలిసిన ఒక అతనికి తన వూరు వరంగల్ లో ఉద్యొగం రాలేదట. ఆంధ్ర నుంచి వచ్చిన వ్యక్తికి ఆ ఉద్యొగం వచ్చిందట .
    ఆ రోజు నుంచి అతను ఆంధ్రా వారి మీద వ్యతిరేకత పెంచుకున్నాడు.
    అతని తమ్మునికి ఆదిలాబాద్ లో ఉద్యోగం వచ్చింది. ఆదిలాబాద్ వారు అతని మీద కక్ష పెంచుకుంటే ?
    ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ లో ఎక్కువ మంది కల్లెక్టర్స్, ఉన్నత అధికారులు తమిళనాడు, కేరళ, ఉత్తర భారతం వారే ఎక్కువ.
    మరి వారందిరిని ఏం చేయాలి ?
    ఇండియా లో హెచ్చు తగ్గులు అక్షరాస్యత లో, అభివృద్ధిలో, వనరుల లో అన్ని ప్రాంతాల లో వున్నాయి.
    నేను 15 సంవత్సరాలు క్రితం ఢిల్లీ లో వున్నపుడు. అక్కడ చాలా మంది తమిళ, తెలుగు ఉద్యోగస్తులు పరిచయం.
    ఉత్తరాది వారు వీరిని సెకండ్ క్లాసు సిటిజన్స్ గా చూసేవారు. చాలా మంది చిన్న ఉద్యోగస్తులు చాలా బాధపడుతూ చెప్తుండే వారు.
    వీరిలో ఎక్కువ మంది కేంద్ర ప్రభుత్వంలో పనిచేసే వారే. అక్కడ ఒక నార్త్ ఇండియన్ LDC క్లర్క్ కు ఇచ్చిన మర్యాద కూడా
    ఒక సౌత్ ఇండియన్ IAS ఆఫీసర్ కు ఇచ్చేవారు కాదు. అది రాను రాను తగ్గుతోంది. కొన్ని చోట్ల ఆ వివక్ష ఇంకా పెరుగుతోంది.
    రైల్వే శాఖ లాంటి వాటిలో ఎక్కువ అవుతోంది.
    సైన్యం లో ఒక కమాండ్ (నార్తర్న్ కమాండ్ చీఫ్ – హరి ప్రసాద్ ) కావడానికి ఒక తెలుగు వాడికి 50 ఏళ్ళు పట్టింది.
    అత్యున్నత సైన్యం లోనే తెలియనంత వివక్ష వుంది . మరేం చేయాలి. మీకు తెలిసిన ఏ తెలుగు సైనికుడి నైనా అడగండి.
    ఇండియాను మరో సారి చీలి పోవడం ఊహించగలమా ? పంజాబ్, హర్యానా లతో పోటి పడాలి.
    ప్రజల్ని literate చేయడం కాదు educate చేయాలి. రెంటికి చాలా తేడా వుంది.
    న్యాయ, చట్ట, సైన్య వ్యవస్తలను కాలానుగుణం గా మార్పు చేయాలి.

      • Yes Mr,Prabodh., I know those all that you mentioned.
        Do you really know why all these agreements made.?
        Simple answer (For the welfare of Telangana People).
        As your leader KCR is saying. if Telnagana is in better position before it merged to in other Telugu Areas.
        Then why do you need these agreements?

        The TRUTH is Telangana is backward. simple answer.
        Why it is backward? Question your self multiple times and look for the answer in 10 different angles. if you dont get..please email me.

        So, whose responsiblity to watch these agrrements? Telangana public representatives (MP and MLA etc.). Go to your district library and open all the news papers etc material and find out how many times did they followed up these agreements? You will get the answer.

        I read the social issues for 25 years. just as human being. I never think of my language, place, caste and religion etc.,

    • భరత్ గారు,
      మీ analyzation చాలా చక్కగా ఉంది.
      1. సహజ వనరులు అన్ని ఒకే చోట ఉండడం అనేది సాద్యమయ్యే పని కాదు. ఆంధ్ర ప్రాంతంలో కొన్ని వనరులు ఉన్నాయి అలాగే తెలంగాణ లొ కూడా కొన్ని ఉన్నాయి. Correcte. కాని ఆ వనరుల utilization రాష్త్రమంతటా ఒకే లాగ ఉందా? ఇంత analyze చేసిన మీకు వనరుల utilizationలో ఎవరి వాటా ఎంత మీకు తెలియదా? నిస్సందేహంగా తెలంగాణ వనరులు ఆంధ్ర వాళ్ల దోపిడికి గురౌతున్నాయి. ఒక్కక్క వనరు ఎలా దోపిడికి గురౌతుంది నేను వివరించగలను. (త్వరలో నా blog లో ఆ విశయాలను పొందుపరిస్తాను)
      మేరు ఆ దోపిడి జరగడం లేదని prove చేయగలరా?
      2. వివక్శ
      50 ఏళ్ళుగా ఓపిక పట్టాం. ఇంకెంతకాలం. ఎప్పటికి మారుతారు ఈ ఆంధ్ర వాళ్ళు?

      • Mahendarrrrrr
        Andhra vallu dhopidi vallu ani aravaku. Nenu ikkada hyd lo sampadhinchindhi chinna job aa company kuda andhra valladhe. naaku gajam land kuda ledhu. Nalaane chaala costal people ikaada edho kastam paduthunnaru.
        “వనరుల utilizationలో ఎవరి వాటా ఎంత”
        Ikkada vaatalu vesukoni dhobbei ledhu emi. Asalu dhobbeitaaniki ikkada vunna vanarulu (neeku thelisina) emito cheppu
        “ఎప్పటికి మారుతారు ఈ ఆంధ్ర వాళ్ళు?” antu TG janalni COSTAL janalni ni rechagottaku.

  28. ప్రపంచంలో ఎక్కడైనా వలస అనేది భుక్తి కోసమే.
    ఒక వూరిలో ఒకడు దుబాయ్ వెళ్లి ఉద్యోగం చేసి బాగా సంపాదించి వస్తే., మిగతా నిరుద్యోగస్తులు అతనినే అనుసరిస్తారు.
    ఎంతమంది మోతుబరి లు, కోటీశ్వరులు దుబాయ్ ఉద్యోగాలకు వెళ్తున్నారు. వారికి ఆ అవసరం లేదు.
    తెలంగాణా కు (హైదరాబాదు కాకుండా) ఆంధ్ర నుంచి వలస వచ్చిన వారిలో నూటికి తోంభై తొమ్మిది శాతం మంది చిన్న, సన్న కారు రైతులే.
    ఎక్కువమంది కృష్ణా, గుంటూరు, ప్రకాశం మెట్ట ప్రాంతాలనుంచి వెళ్ళిన చిన్న రైతులే. ఎక్కువమంది వాణిజ్య పంటలకోసం వెళ్ళిన వాళ్ళే.
    అక్కడి వారి వాణిజ్య పంటలను పరిచయం చేసింది ఈ చిన్న రైతులే !!
    అందుకు కారణం. కోస్తా లో సాంద్రత ఎక్కువ. కౌలు ఎక్కువ. అప్పట్లో ఆంధ్ర లో పది ఎకరాలు కౌలుకు తెలంగాణా లో నలుబది ఎకరాలు కౌలుకు వచ్చేది.
    ఇక్కడ పడే కష్టం అక్కడ పడితే తమ కృషికి తగ్గ ఫలితం వస్తుందనే చాలా మంది మెట్ట రైతులు వలస వెళ్లారు.
    ఎంత మంది జమీందారులు వ్యవసాయం చేయడానికి తెలంగాణ వెళ్ళారో చెప్పగలరా ? ఒక్క శాతం వున్నారేమో? వారిలో ఎంత మంది సక్సెస్ అయ్యారో తెలుసా?
    కడుపు మండే వాడు వలస వెళ్ళడం వేరు ! కడుపు నిండిన వాడు వలస వెళ్ళడం వేరు !
    అక్కడ నక్సలిజం వలన, భూస్వామ్య వ్యవస్త వలన చాలా భూమి నిరుపయోగం గా పడి వుండేది.
    స్వతంత్రం వచ్చిన తర్వాత తెలంగాణా లో ల్యాండు సీలింగు యాక్టు సరిగా అమలు కాలేదు. ఇప్పటికి చాలా చోట్ల అలానే వుంది.
    చాలా చోట్ల పటేళ్ళు, రెడ్ల భూముల్లో నక్సలైట్లు వ్యవసాయం చేయనిచ్చేవారు కాదు. అలాంటి భూముల్లో ఎంతో తెగించి వ్యవసాయం చేసారు.

  29. కెసిఆర్ అంటుండే వాడు, హైదరాబాద్ ను తెలంగాణా వాళ్ళు తమ పన్నులతో, రక్తంతో నిర్మించినదని? ఎంత వరకు నిజం ?
    నిజాం నవాబులు హైదరాబాదు ను రెండు వందల ఏళ్ళకు పైగా పాలించారు.
    నిజాం రాష్ట్రం అంటే ప్రస్తుతం వున్న తెలంగాణాయే కాదు. కర్ణాటకలోని బీదర్, గుల్బర్గా, రాయచూరు లాంటి జిల్లాలు ,
    మహారాష్ట్రలోని ఉస్మానాబాద్, ఔరంగాబాద్, పర్భని, నాందేడ్ జిల్లాలు వున్నాయి. మరి వారి భాగం ఇస్తారా.?
    బ్రిటిష్ వారికి నిజాం వదలి వేయక ముందు రాయల సీమ లో కొన్ని ప్రాంతాలు, ఆంధ్రలో కొన్ని ప్రాంతాలు నిజాంకు పన్ను కడుతూ ఉండేవి.
    మరి వాటి మాటేమిటి? వారి పన్నులు, రక్తంతో హైదరాబాద్ నిర్మితం కాలేదా?
    నీళ్ళను ఆంధ్ర వాళ్ళు దోచుకుంటున్నారు ?
    పైన వున్న వారి నీరు కింద వారు ఎలా దోచుకుంటారు ? అదే జరిగితే అంత మంది ఎంపి లు ఎమ్మెల్యేలు 50 ఏళ్లుగా ఎన్ని సార్లు కోర్టుకు వెళ్లారు ?
    నీరు పల్లమెరుగు !! నాగరికత తెలిసిన ప్రతి మానవునికి ఇది అర్ద మవుతుంది .
    నదీ వనరులు కేంద్ర ప్రభుత్వ పరిధి లోనివి. ఏ ప్రాంతానికైనా న్యాయం జరగక పొతే ఆయా tribunals కు వెళ్ళాలి. లేదా సుప్రేం కోర్టుకు వెళ్ళాలి.
    ఈ విషయం లో ఒకే రాష్ట్రం లోని మరో ప్రాంతం వారు ఎలా అన్యాయం చేయ గలరు ?

    ఈ చర్చలో విపరీత అర్దాలు తీయకండి . అర్ధవంతమైన చర్చ చేయండి .
    మా కింది నీళ్ళు త్రాగి మీరు బ్రతుకు తున్నారని తెలంగాణా వాళ్ళు ,
    మేము అభివృద్ధి చేస్తేనే మీరు బ్రతుకుతున్నారని ఆంధ్రోళ్లు అనవసర అర్ధరహిత చర్చలు చేయకండి .

    నేను ఒక సాధారణ భారత పౌరుడిని . ఇది నా చుట్టూ వున్న ఒక సమస్యకు నా స్పందన . తప్పుగా చర్చిస్తే మన్నించండి .

    జై నవభారత్ !

  30. Every MP/MLA will be getting MP funds(approx 2 crores) and MLA funds (approx 25 lakhs).
    This is irrespective of government assignments and projects. MLA and MP can spend this money.
    Telangana JAC should ask each MP and MLA in Telnagana., How they spent this money.

    Go to any MP/MLA constitution in ANDHRA and compare with Telangana constituency.

  31. Writing answers does not mean that you are giving the correct information.

    You need to conisder a lot.

    The struggle for telangana has been for several years and Andhra people have been cheating and cheating of their own benefits.

    Please do releaize now and get seperated peacefully else you will have to face a lot of issues in near feature.

    • Dear Venkat !
      You have right to ask. But it shouldn’t harm others.
      The question is why,when, and whom (leader of the movement).
      So you are saying, you are sturggling for several years, then you should get it.
      Gorkhaland is struggling for 125 years., what about them?
      Kashmir is struggling for 60 years. what about them.

      Separating Telangna doesnt solve even a single issue.
      It will adds up many issues if it gets separated this way.

      Do you support Raj Thackery in Mumbai?
      If KCR becomes unemployed in future political career… He is going to bring up another agitation..Local-NonLocal movement in Hyderabad to cast votes. By researching his political life..can you say “No” to my comment.?

      When Almatti Dam was going on. Karnataka has congress in power. AP has TDP in power. So, that time TDP was blaming congress leaders in AP… Why dont you ask your fellow congressmen to stop the Dam. So similarly…you will be seeing blame games once Telnagana formed.

      Do you know why Naxals supporting Telangana.? (Communism basic princple is union not separation— By knowing this basic principles, why Naxals want separate state?). Think think think. in all the angles…you get the answer.
      Samething about BJP? Who got into power after states separation..recently? Chattisgadh, Bihar, uttaranchal, goa…..Think think think in all the angles… Did those are in development phase???

      Do you know Orissa Chief Minister dont know Oriya.. You know ..this is the fastest growing state in India.

      Manmohan Singh, Gujral, Advani are not born in India. Technically they are pakistanis? Do you have any problem with them..

      When you have an issue think in all the possible angles.. you will get the answer your self..

  32. hello ippudu Hyderabad lo SEZ la perutho Hyderabad chuttupakkala vunna telangana zillalu nasta povatleda .. Akkada unde gramastulaku fund isthe adi andhra adhikarule mingesaru ..
    Aa Gramastulaki Udyogalu isthamannaru adhi kuda ledu ..
    Ekaraniki 50000 ichhi andhra pettibadidarulu danni Ekaraniki 5 kotla ki ammukuntunna idhi anyam kada ..
    Idhi varaku only Hyderabad undedhi 640 sq-km but now it is greater hyderbad ante 2000 sq-km so aa bhumulanni Telangana zilla vallavi kaada ?

  33. Kedar

    Please think of TRS KCR once by keeping your hand on heart.
    How much he has today and how good he and his family members are screwed thier area.
    That is the nexles who gave them tough time and they are back to form.
    How many Reddy’s buying tickets in crores in the telangana region today?
    Do you think they all invest in telangana tomorrow?for the sake of people?
    Many guys like us went to other countries ,is that they are not looting other local area jobs?

    As today ,things are green you all guys are jumping on this.

    Be cool ,think you don’t create one more India -Pakisthan within India.

    Jai hind…

  34. Jitu

    Jittulu vaddu,mana brothers are showing so much show put up from Australia ,US ,UK etc

    Please ask them by leaving the lands they purchged,Jobs they looted .

    Lets talk about our brothers.

    Why KCR want Hyderabad today?

    Lets wait ,Let karnool ,Vijayawada,Guntur ,Kakinad become another hyderabad and then take this Hyderabad.
    I have no objection.


  35. jainavabharath

    Good one.You are the hero of the Hyderabad.

    All will not think like you.coz ,all cannot become heros.

    I love it.
    But Tell BABU,CHIRU etc people ,they should not stand on double standards for votes.

    KCR …He is one of the most stupid fellow I have never seen my life.Tomorrow ,I pray god his family members should fight like the way he is created trouble between brothers
    Happy new year

  36. See below people.They never bother about the country ,or co fellow .

    They went all the way to abroad to screw up some one jobs,lands etc.

    They should come back before some one really kick them all.

    I pray god ,they should be thown from there.They are living shamelessly as 4th Grade people.

    Shame Shame..Come back…

    815 Dow Road,
    Bridgewater, NJ 08807

    For further information, please contact following persons

    Viplav Putta (
    President, TDF USA

    Ramesh Chilla (
    Secretary, TDF USA

  37. There is a change in the statistics. Who ever has counted the number of acres is poor in mathematics.

    The actual figures under major irrigation are

    GUNTUR (Under Delta 4.99 lakh acres)
    GUNTUR (Under Nagarjuna sagar 7.01 lakh acres)

    Krishna (Under Delta 6.80 lakh acres)
    Krishna (Under Nagarjuna sagar 3.68 lakh acres)

    Total Guntur — 12 lakh acres under major irrigation
    Total Krishna— 10.48 lakh acres under major irrigation

    More over below is one article which shows the potential of Guntur District farmers alone. Just agriculture in Guntur dt is having a Gross domestic product of 4,500 crores. Business Standard magazine has a reported sitting in Guntur and reports to the Dalal Street Mumbai about the agriculture output during harvest season. Dpendingon this statistics they measure the overall agriculture production in AP. We don’t have even one like this in Telangana.

    Guntur farmers reap rich harvest
    BS Reporter / Chennai/ Hyderabad May 16, 2008, 3:52 IST
    Farmers of Guntur district harvested kharif (first crop) and rabi (second crop) crops worth Rs 4,501.79 crore in 2007-08 as against crops worth Rs 3,924.79 crore in 2006-07 and Rs 3,290 crore in 2005-06, according to P Ajit Kumar, joint director, agriculture.

    Farmers grew crops in 5,78,669 hectare in kharif and 2,45,045 hectare in rabi. They gathered harvests valued at Rs 3,818.99 crore in kharif and Rs 682.80 crore in rabi. While paddy, chillies and cotton dominated kharif, paddy, maize, blackgram, and bengalgram scored over other crops in rabi harvest.

    According to him, except the untimely rains, the year passed off smoothly. Farmers are getting unprecedented rates for tobacco up to Rs 116 per kg. Except one or two crops, all the other crops brought remunerative prices for them.

    In kharif, a major contribution of 349,000 tonne worth Rs 1,396 crore came from chillies, followed by 1.46 million tonne of paddy worth Rs 1,347.80 crore. Farmers produced 724,000 bales of cotton valued at Rs 943.50 crore. Other major kharif crops included redgram, turmeric and sugarcane.

    During the rabi season, farmers increased maize cultivation, producing 416,000 tonne worth Rs 307.87 crore from 58,228 hectare. Paddy, which had occupied the first place, slipped to the second with 140,000 tonne production valued at Rs 134.32 crore from 23,655 hectare.

    Farmers cultivated blackgram in 1,04,954 hectare and reaped 0.36 lakh tonne worth Rs 86.40 crore. They raised bengalgram in 15,349 hectare and collected 0.24 lakh tonne worth Rs 72 crore. They also harvested chillies worth Rs 22.80 crore, tobacco worth Rs 25.50 crore and groundnut worth Rs 19. 80 crore.

  38. Just in shot AP became the 3rd highest producer of maize in India. Farmers are getting Rs 30,000/acre on second crop itself. After expenses they will get net profit of Rs 20,000/acre just for second crop.

    TENALI: Vast swathes of maize plantations dot the picturesque countryside in the rural hamlets abutting Tenali rural mandal. Farmhands busy plucking the corn or cutting the top stems of jowar is a familiar sight during this summer.

    Cultivation of maize as viable second crop has picked up in the delta bowl of Guntur district and heralded an economic and agricultural revolution. Farmers who experimented with maize in 2002 by planting the crop in few hundreds of acres were now astonished to see its popularity grow with maize spread over 2.20 lakh acres in the Krishna western delta, out of the total cultivable area of 2.70 lakh acres in the district.

    “Production of maize in the State is expected to touch 10 lakh tones within two years and the state is poised to leap into the third place in the country as the highest producer of the crop,” said project director, Central Maize Research Station, Saindas, who was here recently.

    Farmers, who were hitherto, cultivating black gram as a second crop, took to maize after yield of black gram started declining and the cost of production shot up.

    Cultivation of Maize has several advantages as it is a zero tillage crop and the black soil with a capacity to retain water suits the crop. The farmers are also buoyed with the steady rise of remunerative price which raised to Rs.1,000 a quintal and increased productivity with 30 quintals per acre. The Centre has already declared a minimum support price of Rs.840 a quintal, while the actual selling price hovered about Rs.750.

    “The Markfed has agreed to procure the stocks at the Agricultural Market Yard from April 15 to enable farmers to sell their produces at a reasonable price,” said a senior agricultural official at Tenali.

    Along with the cultivation of maize, the cultivation of jowar has also picked up as a viable second crop.

    Some of the farmers were however wary of declining production of jowar and have taking steps to prevent from pest infections.

  39. Please see the above two paragraphs very carefully…if you got any analytical skills what so ever.

    In the first paragraph you say all 7 districts in Telangana are in good shape…but in the Second paragraph you say only the revenue and taxes come from Hyderabad and Rangareddy districts that too from Andhrites in that region and their Real estate business….

    1) If your second paragraph is correct then your First paragraph is not correct. If the revenue only comes from Hyd and RR districts then the other districts are not really developed. So the first fact stands correct not the answer..Answer is a lie..

    2) You accepted the fact that even in Hyderabad and Rangareddy districts, all the developed people are only andhrites…rest of them are poor..that is why they are looting the people with Real Estate…Even in these developed places really Telangana people are affected badly…
    You accepted the fact that Telengana region gives more taxes but Andhrites pay the taxes out of the money that is looted from the Telangana real estate business…

    Guys…just think proper….do not just agree, you are not sheep…

  40. Full of fools.
    Hyderabad revenue dochukundham ane kutilabuddi.
    1999 varaku evadiki telusu Telangana gurinchi. Everyone (except people born in 1960) thought AP is one, Hyderabad is their capital. No one complained when CBN was brining all the projects only to Hyderabad.

    Everyone had equal opportunity to progress. You may not have progressed as rapidly as some people from Andhra area. But you still made progress. Dont be jealous and Greedy.

    Jealousy and Greed caused Ramayan and Mahabharath. Even second world war.
    If we dont learn, History will repeat and destruction will be equally shared by all.

  41. Tammudu Ramesh

    Its true that we have not born in 1960, tell me one answer, your Favourite CBN has done enourmous survey in Telangana region before elections and said Ok for why did he change his stand on that ? Is he not a cheater ?

    One sime example to clarify how TLG is looted : Recently there was a GO issued for 139 Crores from NABARD, out of which only 9 crores are allocated to Telangana dists and 130 crores to Andhra.

    If you think war is the only solution, we are ready for that and will see the end of people who try to stop formation of TLG.

    So Formation of TELANGANA State is the only solution

  42. asalu T vallu Indians anee feeling kuuda vundedi kaadu intha mundu….

    Osman Ali Khan gaadu pakisthan lo kalisipodaam anukunnadu…
    akkada godava chesina communists China tho contact lo vunnaru…
    separate communist country cheddam ani plan chesaaru…
    asalu British tho poraadina nayakule leru…endukante veellu nizam kinda vunna vallu…
    Indian independence struggle ni lekka cheyyaledu evaru…
    Appatlo kanuka Hyd state icchi vunte veellu Kashmir lo laaga godava chese vallu separate country kosam…
    adi jaragaledu kanuka ippudu separate country kosam chesthunnaru…
    nenu cheppindi chaala mandiki shocking ga vundacchu…kaani oka saari history chuudandi…mottham ardham avuthundi…
    They are not only culturally separate from rest of AP, they seem to be separate with India as well…
    Separate state vacchaka, ekkuva MPs lekapovadam valla evaru pattinchukoru…appudu India mammalni mosham chesindi, cheat chesindi ani future lo separate country kaavali ani godava chesina chestharu…

      • ఈ blog లో సమస్య పట్ల చర్చ చరగాలి కాని SRI లాంటి వాళ్ళు సమస్య పట్ల అవగాహానలేని మూర్ఖులు reply ఇవ్వడం బాధాకరం. వీడిని కుక్కను కొట్టినట్టు కొట్టాలి. చెత్త నా కొడుకు. పక్కవాడిని దోచుకుతినే నీ లాంటి కుక్కలు india lo పుట్టడానికి కుడా అనర్హులు.

      • @Mahendar
        koddiga vollu daggara pettukuni matladu…nenu raasinadaaniki asnwer cheyyagaligithe cheyyi…personal ga enduku attack chesthav?…ideena Telangana prajala maata teeru…
        monna aa kcr gaadu nalika kostha antaadu…
        Ninna OU JAC lo tarimi todathamataaru…pongal ki vellaka tirigi raanivvara…naa kodakallara memu gollu gillukuntu kuurchuntamanukunnava…memu tarimi tarimi kottagalam.

        Samasya patla charcha jaragaali antuune naa meeda attack chesthunnav…evaru durbuddhi tho Hyd docukundaam ani chuusthunnaroo prapancham andariki telusu.
        Nenu anna point valid. Velli History telusuko…
        You people never wanted to be Indians.
        Telangana kanuka separate ga vundi vunte first nunchi…aa KCR laanti vallu ee paatiki India manalni mosam chesindi..we are separate from first…mana Nizam kalam super…manam separate ayipodaam ani godava chese vaadu…
        meerandaru gorrella vaadi venuka avunu anukuntu porade vaaru…
        mee bratukule inkollani blame cheskuntu bratakadam kada…
        Separate state ga vundi vunte ee paatiki Andhra super ga develop ayyedi..
        Hyd develop ayyindi ante adi def ga Andhra vallane…
        mee tokkalo palacelu, charminarlu development anaru..
        Separate avvalsinde ippatiki ayina…kaani Hyd developed areas ni memu chacchina meeku vadalam…
        vadalaali ante okko daaniki rate katti maree teeskuntaam.
        * International airport ki ayina cost + inflation
        * IT ki chesina development ki cost.
        * Andhra valla houses ki and bhuumulaki ippudunna market rate
        * Film city and film industry ki.
        Annitiki rate katti..give us tht package.
        Not just money…give us land in Khammam or somewhere to move those industries.
        adi jarigakapothe AP will be divided into 3 states…
        Hyd, T and Andhra.
        gatha 30 yrs ga mee gola padaleka anni funds T area ki divert ayyayi…okka area in Andhra kaani seema kaani develop kaaledu…maaku projects raaledu.
        Inka united ga vunte mammalni puurthiga migestharu…
        Antha Hyd lo posaam…definite ga daaniki rate katti ivvali.

    • Sri…,
      Niku teliyani vishayam enti ante… Hyderabad state is Independent state from 1948 to 1956. Dhaaniki vere CM vunde vaadu.. that is one of the Indian states.. Andhra stare form ayye 5 years mundhe.. Hyderabad state existing..
      Telangana prajalu Pakistan tho kalavali anukoledhu… Nizam Pakistan tho kaludham anukunnadu…
      Mi lagaa… mammalni british vallu rule cheyyaledhu kabatti.. memu british ki against fight cheyyaledhu… mimmalni british rule chesi natte.. mammalni Nizam rule chesaadu…. andhuke memu Nizam ki against ga fight chesaam…
      Konchem dhimak vaadu., mammalni rule chese vaadu british vaadu kanappudu.. memu british vaaditho ela fight chesthaam ??

      • “Konchem dhimak vaadu., mammalni rule chese vaadu british vaadu kanappudu.. memu british vaaditho ela fight chesthaam ?”
        nenu em anna?
        >asalu British tho poraadina nayakule leru…endukante veellu nizam kinda vunna vallu
        ee stmt lo meaning enti nanna?
        meeru nizam lo vundadam valla meeku rest of India laaga common fight ledu British vallatho…
        anduke social ga meeru different from rest of India annadi.

        meeru fight chesindi nizam antunnaru ippudu…aa KCR gaadu mari inkondaru nizam valle develop ayyindi antunnadu…
        actual ga nizam meeda fight chesindi appati communists…vallu initial ga China tho contact lo vunnaru…they wanted to form a communist country…not merge with India. communists hessitant gaane join ayyaru…1952-1956 lo votes ekkuva raavadam tho koddiga happy ayyi calm ayyaru.
        antha super history vunna T area vallu repu separate country kosam enduku fight cheyyaru?

        Aa KCR nayala Nizam statues pedathadu ta state vasthe.
        future pitta state center lo influence cheyyaleka…center manalni mosham chesindi…nizam separate ga vundaali ani appatlo korukunnadu…kanuka separate country ki fight cheddam…we are betrayed by India tokka tholu ante gorrela manda la malli support chestharu…em vundi…

      • “Hyderabad state is Independent state from 1948 to 1956. Dhaaniki vere CM vunde vaadu”

        exactly….communists ee time lone soft ayyaru…because they got seats….
        appati mee CM Burgula RamaKrishna Rao ee visalandra ki spport chesi…oka bigger linguistic state kosam thana CM post tyagam chesaadu…
        allanti tyaga jeevi peru evari nota raadu…
        Potti sreeramulu Andhra testhe…eeyana Visalandra tecchadu anacchu…
        appati politicians ippati valla laaga vundi vunte…visalandra form ayyedi kaadu…
        broand minded people kanuka they acted selflessly…
        aa KCR gaadiki first CM evaro kuuda teliyadu…nizam goppadata…tokkalo dialogs vaadunuu.
        oka saari wikipedia chuudu…
        inka appati communist, congress and politics teliyaali ante idi chuudu:

      • Orey Sri,
        Samasya patla avagaahanaleni moorkunivi.anduke ila vaadistunnavu.Rate katti teesukuntava..aa rate katte listlovi ento malli okasari check chesuko
        * International airport ki ayina cost + inflation
        Airport Andhra pradesh form avaka munde Nizam kaalam lone undi anna nijam teliyani moorkuniva? International Airport ki nidulu Andhra nunchi teesukuvachi kattara? Asalu Capital problem unde “Andhra Rastram” vaadu dongatananga HYD ni capital cheyaleda? Neeku asalu history telusa? mundu adi chadivi tarva reply ivvara moorkuda?
        * IT ki chesina development ki cost.
        IT ki chesina development aa? asalu ee IT companies ki APIIC enta cost ki lands ichindo neeku telusa? aa lands evadabba sommu? hyd lands kaada? GOVT separate ga srustinchi ichinda aa lands ni IT companies ki?
        * Andhra valla houses ki and bhuumulaki ippudunna market rate
        Gentleman agreement prakaaram asalu andhra vaalu ikkada lands konakoodadu. Mari aa andhra bhoomulu ekkada nundi vachayi? ayina meeru enta cheapga koni enta ekkuva cost ki ammutunnaru? Ee real boomki andhra vallu karanam kaada? Lagadapati ki LANCO hills land enta cheapga icharo neeku telusa? Vaadi company share value 564 nundi 59 ki ela padindo neeku telusa (last one monthlo >95%)? ade reasonto vaadu “Samaikyandhra” anadam leda? Vaadiki meeru support aa?
        * Film city and film industry ki.
        Film city evadidi? NTR anyaayamga GOVT lands and vaati pakkana unna pedala bhoomulanu kalipi Ramojiki kattabettaleda? Undavalli ee vishayampy Ramojini niladeeyaleda? Film industrylo unna vaallaki enni lands ela vachayi.

        Andhra vaallu enta swaarthamto HYD ni capital cheyadam kosam “Andhra Pradesh” form chesaro telusuko

        Neelanti moorkulu nija nijaalu telusu kokunda biased ga reply ivvadam baadakaram.
        Ide blog lo Telangana gurinchi 108 prashnalu sandinchina vaatiki samadahanam cheppagaligite cheppu. teliyakapote reply ivvakunda moosukkoocho.
        Meeru evari tarimi kottedi..Memem mee andrha ki raaledu taramadaniki..
        Telangana loki enter ayye anni daarlanu digbandiste en peekutaru.

      • @Mahendar

        neekanna peda muurkhudini ayithe kaadu def ga….
        nee bonda la vundi nee logic…
        akkada IT, intr Airport lekapothe aa land doddikelladaaniki kuuda paniki raadu.
        allanti area ni develop chesaka ippudu separate ayyi mingeddam anee duraalochana meeku kaligindi.
        oka saari aa myteluguroots link chuudu…
        chaapa kind aneeru la entha development ayyindo mee area lo.
        Anduke anna….parasites la raktham taagesaaru Andhra valladi ani…antha pippi chesi mammalni pondi antunnaru..
        entha selfish intention oo nee janma lo ardham kaadu.
        evadi thappulu vaadiki teliyavu kada…

      • Ok, you fight against rulers! I think Telangana should be made autonomous similar to North West Frontier Province(NWFP) of Pakistan where only TRIBAL RULE is applicable! Pakistan Govt has no control on the province.
        Taliban & Osama are believed to be hiding there… Who knows? we too may have Telagans ( if not Talibans) right on AP borders in T-state!

      • @Sri,

        Airport AP form avakamunde already Hyd lo undira stupid. Ayina AP lo unna motham Airports enni? Andulo Andhralo enni? telangana lo enni?
        Land cost… land cost antunnavu…evadu konnadura aa lands? andhra valle govt nundi teesukunnaru..valle ammutunnaru..andhra valle kontunnaru…
        Telangana lo inta cost petti konenta satta enta mandiki undira..
        antenduku Hyderabad chuttu (surrounding Ranga Reddy, Medak dist) 5 acres+ land unna owners list ni Govt release cheyamanu. 95% kante ekkuva andhra vallera moorkuda.
        Separate Telangana anagaane land costs enduku taggayo telusa…dabbulu ekkuva petti kone Andhra vallu undaru..telangana vallu inta cost petti konaru anega..

        My telugu roots neninka choodaledu…Actualga nenu vedukutundi kuda alaanti vaati kosame…
        Asalu Andhra vallu Telangana vaddandaaniki sahetuka kaaranaalu choopinche blog kosame choostunna..
        Tarvta vaatiki kuda answer cheyadaniki try chesta…
        just FYI..

      • @Mahendar

        Orey brainless fellow…Shamshabad airport evaru kattaru? GMR group…GMR evadu..andhra vaadu?
        Intr airport kattadaaniki entha posaam?
        idi kattaka munde aapandi ikkada kattaddu…maa lands dobbesi kaduthunnaru ani godava cheyyacchu kada?
        appudu gammunundi ippudu vaaguthunnaru.
        ee edupedo appudu edichi vunte aa airport maa side kattukunee vallam kada.
        myteluguroots chaduvu…inka malli matladavu…

        evadiki kaavali Telangana…nenemi samakyam ga vundaali anadam ledu…
        I want separation…
        But it should be 3 states not 2. Hyd, T and A.
        Hyd ni vadile scene ee ledu…vadalaalsi vasthe bhaari package ivvali mammalni cheat chesinanduku. ippati varuku parasite la mingindi chaalu. maaku avasaram ledu meetho relations.

      • @Giridhar,
        nannu chaala irritate chesthunnaru chaala mandi Telangana vallu…naaku entha manchi frnds vunde vallu Telangana area lo…
        vallu ippati varuku baagane vunnaru..sudden ga Andhra vallu migesaaru mosham chesesaaru…betrayal chesaaru ani matladadam modalu pettaru…
        I understand all T people are getting emotional, but we also have emotional feelings…
        eppudu veedu ee region vaadu ani aloochinchani nenu, ee roju alochisthunna. naaku mandipothondi meeru anee maatalaki.
        India Pak calm ga divide ayyi vunte ee paatiki friendly countries la vundedi…separation appudu jarigia godavalu valle inka kakshalu migilaayi.
        Seema lo Factionism valla elaagaithe enthoo mandi chaccharoo…ippudu adee jaragabothondi.

      • Nee lanti gajji kukkalu enta morigina Hyderabad ichedi ledu..adi maadi…Okavela separate ayina Andhra nunchi Hyd raavdaniki anni daarlu moosestam…flight ekki vachenta scene neekite ledube..
        Maa Telangana ichaka evadekkada chachina maaku anavouvasaram…

      • “Nee lanti gajji kukkalu enta morigina Hyderabad ichedi ledu..adi maadi…Okavela separate ayina Andhra nunchi Hyd raavdaniki anni daarlu moosestam…flight ekki vachenta scene neekite ledube..
        Maa Telangana ichaka evadekkada chachina maaku anavouvasaram”

        Now you showed your original cruel and dirty face 🙂
        intha hatery mind lo pettukuni ela bratukuthunnav ra…
        era neeku muddi kinda 28 ellu vacchayi kaani mind edagaledu emi ra…
        AMD lo chesthunnava leka akkada cab driver vaa 🙂
        Unfortunately education doesn’t teach people manners and un-biased thinking.
        Separate Telangana adagadam lo thappu ledu kaani pakkodi meeda blame chesi eedi saadhinchaleru.
        Okka saari nee environment nunchi bayataki vacchi aloochinchu..
        You are not fighting for Telangana cause…infact you are rupturing relations between two regions and waging war.
        Mind it, you will surely repent one day.
        intha humiliation tharuvatha Seema-Andhra vallu calm ga vuntaaru anukovaddu…
        nee bio data antha vundi naa daggara…edaina cheyyagalanu ninnu. nee kanna chinna vaadinee…kaani nee antha chatta manishini ayithe kaadu…anduke vadilesthunna nee kharma ki.

  43. I have been brought up in telangana, seeing andhra bosses in govt posts and even in the little known pvt jobs in the telangana region. Why dont u talk abt the facts of 610 GO. This above analysis is weak & not healthy in the sense that its one sided(written with an intention). A prime minister came from my karimnagar district,and even though till now we didnt have a fortune of having a Rail connecting to Hyd or any near by district for that matter. My relative works in an irrigation department, and by his experinece,lot of canals in Rayalseema & andhra have cement lining where in Telangana doesnt have sufficent irrigation or canals.
    See the basic fact is .. if people like YSR loot the whole state(not only telangana but andhra also ) and develop his own Kadapa(no doubt he is Kadapa’s CM) and also in the reign of 40 yrs of non telangana CM’s, the telangana region is worst hit. Afterall Decentralization of power ensures that the distribution is uniform(roughly atleast .. considering the corrupt politicians in all regions ).

  44. //Telangana has a population of 40% but gets a water share of only 31% in Andhra Pradesh.Coastal Andhra has a population share of 43% but gets a water share of 59%.This is inspite of the fact that 80% and 70% of Godavari and Krishna river catchment areas in Telangana.

    i have a doubt

    1. Does the water share of 31% includes the water supply to hyderabad (bcos hyderabad is getting water from a tributary of river godavari)and the water supplied to singareni collories .

    2.let me divide godavari in to 2 segments. (A)downstream of pranahitha and godavari river to the coastal andhra region

    (b) godavari river from basara to the point where it meets pranahitha

    about A: we know that the peculiar characteristic of the river Godavari is that it receives most of its water not from the Western Ghats but in the lower reaches. The Manjira, the Pranahita, the Indravati and Sabari contribute 6%, 40%, 20% and 10% of the waters respectively.(

    note: contribution of the remaining 26%(about b) is mentioned later

    from this lets talk about indravathi and pranahitha which accounts for 60% of the discharge.

    pranahitha and indravathi and sabari have their catchments in chattisgarh and maharashtra all the 60% does nt belong to telangana or andhra pradesh.

    let us say 30% belongs to Telangana(even this is high because indravathi river just joins in andhrapradesh but does nt flow in our state).among this 30%, the contributions to projects like chelemalla vagu , vattivagu etc in adilabad must be deducted(since the rivers are tributaries of pranahitha). let us say 1%.

    so total % of water available is 6%(manair) + 5% (sabari)+29% =45%

    so, 45% of water from godavari is available at the lower end with us for utilization.

    though we have highest catchement area about 79%, the relative contribution of our catchement to the flow is only closer to 50%.

    about B:
    about the remaining 26% flow:
    the remaining 26% cannot be included as it is in the upper end and the river runs mostly dry with an average discharge of around 100m3/sec at mancherial(located few kilometers upstream of the point where pranahitha meets godavari)for the most of the time in a given year.(

    from this , it is proved that though the telangana has highest catchment, the % contribution of the catchment to the river flow is less.

    now how can you justify that telangana”s water share is proportional catchment..?? though tribunal says that we should get enough water but how can it be possible if the catchment in our region is running dry..??

    inspite of this andhra region is prosperous
    because of the fact that the downstream has always an advantage of using the excess waters. the godavari delta is prosperous because the little contributions from all the rivers joining godavari becomes a considerable amount at the outlet of the basin and hence water is available in pleanty.

    now tell me ur opinion

    • You have mentioned my sentence in the beginning that //the water share of telangana is only 31% inspite of the population share of Telangana being 40% vs the water share of coastal Andhra being 59% with a population share of 43%//

      My usage of the word “water share” is not right because my entire analysis was regarding the amount of irrigated land in each of the districts and at the end I have summarized the IRRIGATED LAND across the three regions of coastal Andhra, Telangana and Rayalaseema. I have used the word water share which is not right. It is my bad.

      The correct sentence should be “Out of the total irrigated land in AP the share of irrigated land in Telangana is 31%”.
      Here by irrigated land means the farmers use the water coming from the canals. In other lands the farmers have to either depend on rains or they have to dig borewells and arrange for their own irrigation which is a very costly affait for the farmers. In Telangana most of the farmers do not have irrigated lands and hence have to arrange their own irrigation.
      (Out of the 31% also most of irrigated land falls under lift and minor irrigation projects which are not very viable.)

      Now coming to river water sharing we have two major rivers Krishna and Godavari flowing across AP. Both of the rivers do not originate in AP. They originate in Maharashtra. Krishna river originates in Maharashtra, flows through Karnataka and enters AP. Similar is the case of Godavari. It does not originate in AP.

      A central govt tribunal has decided that AP’s share of Krishna river is around 800 TMCs of water. Out of this 800 TMCs Telangana gets a very negligible share. (around 20%).

      For Godavari river AP’s share is around 1400 TMCs. Again Telangana share here is vey negligible.

      (Krishna and Godavari rivers have lot of water, around 2000 – 3000 TMCs, out of which AP’s share is 800 and 1400 TMCs respectively).

      The central tribunal does not decide the share just based on the catchment area. Also they do not decide the share of a state just based on the tributaries argument that you have put up. They also take into various other factors in consideration like amount of land which is used for cultivation, drought prone areas, current projects, current utilization and many more. They also discuss with the people’s representatives across the states involved and then arrive at the decision.

      Telangana state will not receive any special treatment by the central tribunal. It will receive the same treatment as every other state in India which is involved with the inter-state river water sharing.

      I am not a PhD in irrigation matters to counter your arguments. Neither I assume that you are. I can still put up some reasonable arguments to counter yours. I am sure you will also give me counter arguments. Let the central tribual discuss with experts in all areas and come up with the shares. Then each region will get its rightful share.

      If the downstream regions have a natural advantage as you have pointed out then it will have that advantage even after Telangana state comes.

      You have asked me if
      //1. Does the water share of 31% includes the water supply to hyderabad (bcos hyderabad is getting water from a tributary of river godavari)and the water supplied to singareni collories .//

      31% is with regards to the amount of irrigated land. As I have explained above
      The major water supply for Hyderabad comes from Singur dam which is a dam located in Medak district on Manjeera river. It was originally for the farmers in Medak district. But now Medak district farmers are not getting any water from the Manjeera. All the
      water is being diverted to the needs of Hyderabad.
      But while calculating I have included 40,000 acres under Medak district’s share as coming from Singur dam.

      Originally in the Hyderabad city there were lot of water bodies which supplied water to the entire city. But over the time many of these water bodies have been occupied by the real estate.

  45. Sri
    You are a good person for this country no doubt.
    Seperation ,no one wants.It is the political parties
    driving the country ,not people.
    They inject whatever benifits to them,instead of doing thier proper duties.
    What is these so called political leaders are doing till date,before KCR start earning tons of crores?
    Today suddenly all got up and struggling for T.Gaana.
    All knows how much money they spend in the last elections in T.area.They are not poor.It is shame if some political leaders says we are poor and our people are pushed back,it is they who did all mistakes.

    Please try to realise.T.Fate is not going to change with this rich political leaders.

    Yes ,there were days we do not mixup properly,initially.Just think how many of your friends are from other areas of A.P and how good you all together.

    People are only migrating to Hyderabad not to other places as ,Hyd is the only dream for the young generation.There were no enough opportunities in all other places.
    This is the root issue here.
    Our telangana heros really want to develop T.Gaana,let them take it as challange and take telangana without Hyd and prove they have real intrest of the areas which are not developed.

    The world is became very close.And any one can live any where.The human rights should not be screwed up.
    And we are all one mother tounge people.
    we did gave life to telugu recently all together.
    We are well mixed up now.But KCR really screwed for his survival all good what is happening so far.

    Center ,would like small states for better control and long congress survial.

    CBN,CHERU…all these people want power at any cost and congress given a big surprize.This is really a foolish political step to say Jai Telangana and later saying Samaikya.How they became political leaders.Even congress also ,They should stand on words.All are screwing our lives.

    For my surprize,people from other countries are saying Jai Telangana,Jai Andhra….How degraded people are these.They are saying we want our Jobs?
    Silly ,they already screwing someone jobs there.This media is one of crap.TV5,TV9…etc why can’t they ask them this question.
    They are behind rating …rating…
    Come on My dear TV fools…..
    Ask the poor people how they are really struggling for the day …see the cost of goods.RICE,DAL,VEGITABLES,even Eggs ….the price…
    What is the root issue ,who is responsible for this price hike?
    Take interviews of the political leaders every day on this issues.And let the Andhra,Rayalaseema,Telangana leader talk and fight against this and bring down the prices where a common man can happily live on this Telugu land….

    More next…

  46. Rakesh

    A real hero will sacrifies.

    Potti…is not a KCR ….

    He fought for the state ,he is a hero….no drama..
    Let KCR die…And take Telangana…
    You might not know ,that when KCR in hospital,some of the T.Leaders said if telangana doesnot declare we are even ready to seperate from India..
    This is not really people speaks…It is the selfish political leaders said..Record is there with TV people.

    So no counters on great people.Sorry for this.

    Andra seperated by sacrifing many things to Tamilnadu…if you don’t know please ask Rayalaseema people…who are still starving for good life..

    You are not ready to share even Hyd…how you will get seperate with out a Cut?


  47. Good one!
    yes,looks KCR send some money for this people.I have seen them on TVs.

    It is better for them to come back and fight ,instead of writting and telling comments.
    Really SHAME…better life better talk….Let them Talk…


    815 Dow Road,
    Bridgewater, NJ 08807

    Viplav Putta (
    President, TDF USA

    Ramesh Chilla (
    Secretary, TDF USA

  48. Besides Gentlmen agreement failure, my question is did telanga leaders failed developing telangana region, mainly atleast in water resourse, they are not able to bring one dam or canal for telangana, is it nice to blame every thing on others, what part of telangana party leaders tried to bring education, water, medical etc.. and what is the guarentee that after forming telangana, all these issues will be solved, because if telangana is divided again andhra people will take bulk of amount to develop capital city for them with which we might not get funds initially for 5 years,. . i think your understanding my questionm , my point is developing telangana is important.

    In one sentense,

    1. Did telangana leaders failed developing telangana
    what is their role all these years.

    2. why MIM is not included in telangana, are they positive are negetive to T state. WHY they are not included in JAC ?

    3. HOw Terrorism is controled, if T State happens. will it increase?

  49. When the misunderstandings raised between Telangana and Andhra people it is better to divide like brothers. The degree of misunderstandings has to be evaluated by voting of all Andhra Pradesh people irrespective of region and accept the majority people’s opinion. The people of Andhra Pradesh opinion are important. Forget so called leaders opinions and actions. They are temporary. Forget the development and financial calculations. Do not forget we are Indians. We can live anywhere and can buy properties anywhere in India. Telangana is also part of India and it is not a different country. Why we are worrying about separation?

    • Baabu is completely biased towards andhra region. Please do not use such biased one-sided ”articles” to begin a discussion or argument.

      The writer of this blogpost atleast used some govt sources, wrong or right, to put forth few of his points(others were just opinion). Alaantidi nuvvu greatandhra ni source ga vaadi point chepthey elaa brother. greatandhra brother, too much, evadu evaditho padukunnaadu, evarthi em expose chesindi.. veetikosam choodochchu anthey

  50. ఇక్కడ ఎవరూ కూడా తార్కికంగా ఆలోచించటం లేదు. మనం అందరం ఒక్క తల్లి బిడ్డలమే అయినా కానీ ఇలా కుక్కల్లా కోట్లాడుకోవడం మాత్రం ఏమి బావో లేదు. రాజకీయాల్లో సరైన పరిష్కారం లేదా తప్పు పరిష్కారం అంటూ ఉండవు. కేవలం మన సౌలబ్యం కోసం మనం అందరికీ అమూదయోగ్యం ఐన పరిష్కారం కనుక్కోవటం మాత్రం కావలి. ఇలా ఒకరి మీద ఒకరు బురద చల్లుకుని మనమే కరెక్ట్ అనుకునే నైజం పోవాలి. ఆంద్ర వాళ్ళు పోగారుబోతులని, తెలంగాణ వాళ్ళు సోమరిపోతులని ఇలాంటి gross generalizations చేసుకోవటం మన అవివేకం కాదా? మనవ సంబందాలు తెగిపోయాక ఇక కలిసున్నాలేకపోయినా పెద్ద లాబం లేదు. ఉద్యోగాల్లో, నీటి వనరుల వినియోగంలో తెలంగాణ వాళ్ళకి అన్యాయం జరిగింది (వాళ్లకి తెలివితేటలూ ఉన్నాయా లేదా అన్న విషయం పక్కన పెడితే) అన్న విషయం వాస్తవం. అలాగే హైదరాబాదు అభివృద్ధిలో అందరి చేయి ఉంది, కానీ ఇప్పుడు దానిని వదిలెయ్యాలి అనటం పూర్తీ గా అన్యాయం. ఇలాంటి పరిస్తితులలో చదువుకున్న మనం ప్రస్తుతం సంయమనం పాటించి అందరికీ ఆమోదయోగ్యమైన పరిష్కారం కోసం పాటు పడేలా ప్రోత్సహించాలి. అంతే కాని రోజు రోజుకి పడిపోతున్న సౌబ్రాతుత్వాన్ని మరింత తొక్కి మనకి మనం ఏమి మంచి చేసుకోవటం లేదు. Negotiations అందరికి అన్ని లాబాలు జరగవు, మనం కొన్ని పక్కవారి విషయంలో పస ఎంత ఉంది అనేది అలోచించి సర్దుకు పోవడం ముఖ్యం. అన్నింటి కన్నా ముఖ్యం, ఇది జీవన్మరణ సమస్య కాదు. కాని మనల్ని మనం కించ పరుచుకుమ్తున్న విదానం మాత్రం హేయం. అందరం కలుద్దాం పరిష్కారం వెతుకుదాం. రాజకీయంగా కాదు. బ్లాగు పరంగా. ఏమంటారు? కనీసం ఇక్కడైనా మనం వివేకులం అని చెప్దాం. సరైన బ్లాగ్ తయారు చేద్దాం, ఫోరం తయారు చేద్దాం, అందరికి నచ్చేట్టుగా నాయకులను (moderators) ఎన్నుకుని రాజకీయాలతో సంబంధం లేకుండా మనకి మనం పరిష్కారం చర్చిద్దాం. ఇది నేను అన్ని బ్లాగులలో పోస్టు చేస్తున్నాను. దయచేసి అందరం దగ్గరికి వద్దాం. విషం చిమ్ముకోవటం ఆపేద్దాం.

  51. Some people are saying it is 20 years ,30 years ,40 years long fight…struggle…It indicates if some one start now ….there is a guarentee that after some years will get whatever you want ….:))).

    For example ,if you want seperate Country of Hyderabad …and start agitation from today…after 30-40 years there is a chance you will get it.
    Why cannot?
    That time KCR’S Grand son might give it easily ,if he is a PM.

  52. def ga repoddunna separate country aduguthaaru veellu…
    Nizam goppa annappude ardham ayyindi…
    openration polo jariginappudu kuuda Indian Army ki rajakars ee kaakunda communists kuuda eduru tirigaaru ta…
    They were in contact with China and planned for separate country.
    Technical ga vellaki Indians tho sabandham ledu…Indian freedom struggle ento kuuda teliyadu veellaki…
    Appudu kanuka Patel attack occupy chesi and later 56 lo hyderabad state ni 3 kinda split chesi vundakapothe ee paatiki separate country kosam agitation chese vallu.
    em vundi future lo def ga chestharu state vacchaka…
    aa KCR gaadi Nizam statues petti mottham migesthadu…
    migesi center manalni betray chesindi ani separate country kosam agitation modalu pedthaadu.

    Telangana vaadulu memu separate Andhra nunchi…so separate state aduguthunnaru kada….
    I ask this question?
    What makes you feel you are Indians?
    I argue you are not even Indians.
    premaga daggaraki velthe chali teelu la kutte manushulu…so I warn Andhra guys to stop unity and Andhra should request for separation first than T guys like in 1973.
    I also think Telanganites are a biggest threat to entire country like Kashmir. Future lo idee jaruguthundi.
    veellatho jagratta ga vundaali.

  53. Jabbilli, It looks like you have attempted very hard to re-write the facts and stats to support your stand. I totally disagree with many of your explanations. Your evidences are stemming from the records that government created which is not based facts. I will see if I have time to answer each and everyone of your concerns…. meanwhile read this great article written by Krupakar and published in Andhrajyoti:

    చిన్న రాష్ట్రాల డిమాండ్లకు సానుకూలంగా ఉండడం అంబేడ్కర్‌వాద దృక్పథమని సామాజిక న్యాయం కోరుకునే ప్రజలంతా గుర్తుపెట్టుకోవాలి. ప్రజలు సీమాంధ్ర రాజకీయ పార్టీల ఉచ్చుల్లో చిక్కుకోకుండా, గుడ్డి ద్వేషాలను పెంచుకోకుండా తెలంగాణ రాష్ట్రం ఏర్పాటును స్వాగతించాలి.

    నేను సమైక్య వాదిని కాదలుచుకోలేదు. కేంద్ర ప్రభుత్వం ప్రకటించిన తెలంగాణ రాష్ట్ర ఏర్పాటు ప్రక్రియని వ్యతిరేకిస్తూ ‘సమైక్యాంధ్ర’ నినాదంతో సీమాంధ్ర రాజకీయ పార్టీ లు బలవంతపు ‘ఐక్యత’కి దిగాయి. మూకుమ్మడిగా ఎంపీ, ఎమ్మెల్యేల పదవుల రాజీనామాల నాటకాలతో ఇటు తెలంగాణ రాష్ట్రం కోరుకుంటున్న వారిని, అటు తెలంగాణ రాష్ట్రం ఏర్పాటు ప్రక్రియని ప్రకటించిన కేంద్ర ప్రభుత్వాన్ని బ్లాక్‌మెయిల్‌ చేశాయి. సీమాంధ్రా రాజకీయ నేతలు ఆమరణ నిరాహార దీక్షలు, బందులు, ప్రదర్శనలు, రాస్తారోకోలు, నిరసనల తో తెలంగాణ రాష్ట్రం పునరుద్ధరణని వ్యతిరేకిస్తూ సామాజిక అన్యాయానికి ఒడిగట్టినందుకు… నేను సమైక్యవాదిని కాను.

    తెలంగాణ రాష్ట్ర సాధన ఉద్యమం ఊపందుకున్న సమయంలోనే తెలంగాణ ప్రాంతం పట్ల అత్యంత వివక్ష చూపెడు తూ రాష్ట్ర ప్రభుత్వం జీవో 1845ను జారీ చేసింది. ఈ జీవో ద్వారా గ్రామీణ రహదారుల అభివృద్ధి కోసం కోస్తాంధ్ర ప్రాంతానికి 103.67 కోట్లు, రాయలసీమ ప్రాంతానికి 15.57 కోట్లు, తెలంగాణ ప్రాంతానికి కేవలం 9.31 కోట్ల రూపాయల ను మాత్రమే కేటాయించి ఆంధ్ర పాలకులు మరోసారి తెలంగాణ ప్రాంతం పట్ల వివక్షాపూరిత దురహంకారాన్ని నిరూపించుకున్నారు. ఇదేమని ముఖ్యమంత్రిని నిలదీసిన తెలంగాణ ప్రజాప్రతినిధులను సచివాలయంలోనే అక్రమంగా అరెస్టులు చేసినందుకు గాను… నేను సమైక్యవాదిని కాను.

    1956లో తెలంగాణ, ఆంధ్ర విలీనం షరతులతో కూడుకున్నదన్న సంగతిని సీమాంధ్ర నేతలు, రాజకీయ పార్టీలు మరుగుపరుస్తున్నందుకు నేను సమైక్యవాదిని కాను. 1956కు ముందున్న హైదరాబాద్‌ (తెలంగాణ) రాష్ట్రంలో ప్రభుత్వ ఉద్యోగాలను స్థానికులకే ఇవ్వాలని ఆదేశిస్తు న్న ముల్కీ నిబంధనలను కొనసాగిస్తామని రాసుకున్న పెద్దమనుషుల ఒప్పందాన్ని ఆంధ్ర పాలకులు నిరంతరాయంగా ఉల్లంఘిస్తున్నందుకు నేను సమైక్యవాదిని కాను. పెద్దమనుషుల ఒప్పందం ప్రకారం ముల్కీ నిబంధనలు కొనసాగకపో తే, తెలంగాణకు విపరీతమైన అన్యాయం జరుగుతుందని, ఇదే గనక నిజమైతే తిరిగి తెలంగాణ (హైదరాబాద్‌) రాష్ట్రాన్ని పునరుద్ధరించుకోవచ్చునని సూచించిన ఫజల్‌ ఆలీ, నెహ్రూల అభిప్రాయాలను సీమాంధ్ర రాజకీయ పార్టీలు అగౌరవపరిచినందుకు నేను సమైక్యవాదిని కాను. 1919 నవంబర్‌ 16న నిజాం ముల్కీ ఫర్మానా జారీ చేశా డు.

    ఈ ఫర్మానా ప్రకారం స్థానికులు మాత్రమే ప్రభుత్వోద్యోగాలకు అర్హులు. ప్రభుత్వ ఉద్యోగం పొందాలంటే, స్థానికులు ముల్కీ సర్టిఫికెట్స్‌ని తప్పనిసరిగా సమర్పించాలి. ఐతే ఇంకా స్పష్టతతో సవరించిన ముల్కీ ఫర్మానా 1934 జూన్‌7న జారీ అయ్యింది. దీని ప్రకారం 12-15 సంవత్సరాల స్థిర నివాసం తో పాటు అభ్యర్థి పూర్వీకుల నివాసం, వివాహబంధం, ఆస్తు లు తదితర అంశాలను లెక్కలోకి తీసుకుని ముల్కీ సర్టిఫికెట్‌ జారీ చెయ్యాలని ఈ ఫర్మానా ఆదేశిస్తున్నది. కాగా, ఆంధ్ర, హైదరాబాద్‌ రాష్ట్రాల విలీనానికి ముందు 1956 జూన్‌19న జరిగిన పెద్దమనుషుల ఒప్పందం ప్రకారం విలీనానంతరం కూడా తెలంగాణలో ముల్కీ రూల్స్‌ అమలు జరగాలి.

    అలా జరగని పక్షంలో తెలంగాణ వారు తమ రాష్ట్రాన్ని పునరుద్ధరించుకోవచ్చు. ఐతే ముల్కీ నిబంధనలకు విరుద్ధంగా 1956- 1968 నాటికి హైదరాబాద్‌లో అక్రమంగా ఉద్యోగాల్లోకి చొరబడిన సీమాంధ్రుల సంఖ్య 22 వేలు. వీరిని వెనక్కి పంపాలని అప్పటి కాసు బ్రహ్మానందరెడ్డి ప్రభుత్వం జీవో 36ను జారీ చేసింది. ఈ జీవోకు వ్యతిరేకంగా ముల్కీ రూల్స్‌ను రద్దు చేయాలని కోరుతూ ఆంధ్రావారు ఉన్నత న్యాయస్థానాలకు ఎక్కినందు వల్ల నేను సమైక్యవాదిని కాను. ఆంధ్రుల అక్రమ నియామకాలను నిలువరిస్తూ, ముల్కీ రూల్స్‌ రాజ్యాంగబద్ధమేనని 1972 అక్టోబర్‌ 16న సుప్రీంకోర్టు తీర్పునిచ్చింది. దీనితో ఖంగుతిన్న ఆంధ్ర రాజకీయ పాలకులు అంతటితో ఊరుకోకుండా ఏకంగా సుప్రీంకోర్టు ధృవీకరించిన ముల్కీ రూల్స్‌నే రద్దు చేయించారు.

    ఇందుకు వారు కేంద్ర ప్రభుత్వాన్ని ప్రభావితం చేసి పార్లమెంటులో 32వ రాజ్యాంగ సవరణ ద్వారా అధికరణం 371కి ‘డి’ క్లాజు ను చేర్చారు. ఈ సవరణతో సంక్రమించిన అధికారంతో రాష్ట్రపతి 1975 అక్టోబర్‌ 18న (ఆరు సూత్రాల పథకం) ఉత్తర్వు లు జారీ చేశారు. ఈ ఉత్తర్వుల స్ఫూర్తిని కూడా ఉల్లంఘించి ఆంధ్ర, రాయలసీమ ఉద్యోగులు 1975 నుంచి 1985 వరకు 60 వేల మంది అక్రమంగా హైదరాబాద్‌లో చొరబడ్డారు. వీరిని వెనక్కి పంపడానికి 1985లో ఎన్టీఆర్‌ ప్రభుత్వం 610 జీవోని జారీ చేసింది. హైదరాబాద్‌లో అక్రమంగా ఉన్న ఆంధ్ర ప్రాంత ఉద్యోగులను వెనక్కి పంపడానికి ఉద్దేశించిన ఈ జీవోను హైదరాబాద్‌లో ఉన్న తెలంగాణ ప్రాంత ఉద్యోగులను వెనక్కి పంపడానికి ఉపయోగిస్తూ మరో చారిత్రక తప్పిదాన్ని చేస్తున్న ఆంధ్ర పాలకుల పోకడల వల్ల నేను సమైక్యవాదిని కాను.

    సీమాంధ్ర రాజకీయ పార్టీలు తెలంగాణ ప్రజల్లో నమ్మకాన్ని కోల్పోయాయి. ఆంధ్రోళ్ల మోసపూరిత పొత్తు వద్దని తెలంగాణ వారు అంటుండగా, మనమంతా ఒక్కటే, మనదంతా ఒక్కటేనని సీమాంధ్ర నేతలు ముందుకు తెస్తున్న దౌర్జన్యపూరిత ఐక్యత వల్ల నేను సమైక్యవాదిని కాను. నీళ్లు, నిధులు, నియామకాల అమలులో తెలంగాణకు పంపిణీ న్యాయం ఎన్నడూ అందలేదు. ప్రతిచోట, ప్రతిదశలో పథకం ప్రకారం తెలంగాణ ప్రజలు ఆంధ్ర పాలకులచే మోసగించబడ్డారు. కొల్లగొట్టబడ్డారు. 20 ఏళ్ల కిందట తూర్పు ఐరో పా సంఘర్షణలకు లోనై అనేక కొత్త, చిన్న దేశాలుగా విడిపోయిన చరిత్ర మనం చూశాం. ఎంత రక్తపాతం జరిగిందో తెలిసిందే.

    అటువంటి హింసాపూరిత సంఘటనలు మన దేశంలో చోటు చేసుకోకూడదు. అత్యంత అణచివేతలకు గురైన ప్రాంతాలకు, అణగారిన సాంఘిక సమూహాలకు, జెండర్‌ వర్గాలకు, వివిధ రకాల మైనారిటీలకు వారు కోరుకున్న రీతు ల్లో ప్రాధాన్యంతో కూడిన సామాజిక న్యాయాన్ని ప్రభుత్వాలు అందించాలి. ఇందుకు వీలుగా మొదట రాజకీయ పార్టీలు ప్రజాస్వామ్యీకరించబడాలి. ఎస్సీ, ఎస్టీ రిజర్వేషన్ల హేతుబద్ధీకరణ, మహిళల హక్కులు, ప్రాతినిధ్యాలు, చిన్న రాష్ట్రాల ఏర్పాటు డిమాండ్లు అత్యవసరంగా పరిష్కరించవలసిన ప్రాధాన్యం గల డిమాండ్లుగా మన దేశంలోని రాజకీయ పార్టీ లు, కేంద్ర, రాష్ట్రాల ప్రభుత్వాలు గుర్తించాలి.

    దేశంలో ప్రాంతీ య, సామాజిక శాంతి భద్రతల సుస్థిర స్థాపన కోసం తెలంగాణ రాష్ట్రం, ఇతర కొత్త రాష్ట్రాల డిమాండ్లకు సానుకూల పరిష్కారాల కోసం రాజకీయ పార్టీలు స్పందించాలి. ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్‌ స్నేహంగా విడిపోయి మొదట తెలంగాణ రాష్ట్రం ఏర్పడాలి. తదుపరి రాయలసీమ, ఉత్తరాంధ్ర, కోస్తాంధ్ర, మన్యసీమ రాష్ట్రాలు ఏర్పడాలి. హిందీ మాట్లాడే రాష్ట్రాలు పది ఉన్నప్పు డు తెలుగు మాట్లాడే రాష్ట్రా లు నాలుగైదు ఉంటే నష్టమేమీలేదని అందరూ గుర్తించాలి. రాష్ట్రాల సంఖ్య పెరిగి తే, కేంద్రం బలహీనపడుతుందనేది అపోహ మాత్రమే. ఎన్టీఆర్‌ తాలూకా వ్యవస్థకు మారుగా మండల వ్యవస్థ తీసుకువచ్చినప్పుడు స్వాగతించిన రాజకీయ పార్టీలు నేడు తెలంగాణ రాష్ట్రం ఏర్పాటును అంగీకరించలేకపోవడం చాలా అన్యాయం.

    అందువల్ల నేను సమైక్యవాదిని కాలేను. చిన్న రాష్ట్రాల డిమాండ్లకు సానుకూలంగా ఉండడం అంబేడ్కర్‌వాద దృక్పథమని సామాజిక న్యాయం కోరుకునే ప్రజలంతా గుర్తుపెట్టుకోవాలి. ప్రజలు సీమాంధ్ర రాజకీయ పార్టీ ల ఉచ్చుల్లో చిక్కుకోకుండా, ద్వేషాలను పెంచుకోకుండా తెలంగాణ రాష్ట్రం ఏర్పాటును స్వాగతించాలి. తెలంగాణ రాష్ట్రం ఏర్పాటు విషయంలో పార్లమెంటులో చట్టం చెయ్య డం తప్ప, రాష్ట్ర శాసనసభ అభిప్రాయం నిర్ణయాత్మకం కాదంటున్న రాజ్యాంగ స్ఫూర్తిని సీమంధ్ర పార్టీలు, ప్రజాప్రతినిధు లు, నేతలు గ్రహించాలి. రాజ్యాంగంలోని అధికరణం 3కు అనుగుణంగా కేంద్ర ప్రభుత్వం ప్రారంభించిన తెలంగాణ రాష్ట్ర ప్రక్రియకు అన్ని రాజకీయ పార్టీలు, సీమాంధ్ర నేతలు చిత్తశుద్ధితో ముందుకు సహకరించాలి. తెలంగాణ రాష్ట్రం ఏర్పడనంత వరకు, సీమాంధ్రుల్లో సానుకూల పరివర్తన రానంత వరకు నేను సమైక్యాంధ్రుడను కాజాలను.

    -కృపాకర్‌ మాదిగ
    (వ్యాసకర్త మాదిగ దండోర ఉద్యమ వ్యవస్థాపకులు)

    Very well written and addresses biased views of some of your concerns. Thanks to Krupakar and Andhrajyoti.

    • చిన్న రాష్ట్రాలు మంచివని మీ నమ్మకమైతే అది దేశం మొత్తమ్మీదా అమలవాలని ఉద్యమించండి. కొన్ని చిన్నవి, కొన్ని పెద్దవి ఉంటే ఎవరికి ఉపయోగం?

    • “Your evidences are stemming from the records that government created which is not based facts”

      neeku correct ento telusenti ra?
      nee yabba…govt records kuuda correct kaadu ta…evado raasina article post chesaadu…
      Such a brainless idiots chaala mandi vunnaru…
      Telangana vallu develop kaavadam ledu ani gola gola chesi 30 yrs ga mottham AP revenue antha mingesthunnaru….
      inka selfish ga ippudu development ayyina Hyd kotteddam anukuntunnaru…
      1973 lo “jai Andhra” movement ki enduku vaddannaru?
      Appudu vidipoyi vunte ee patiki Andhra Japan kante goppa ga vundedi…
      T vallu parasites la maa money blood laa taagesthunnaru…
      inka chaaladu annattu ippudu develop ayina Hyd iccheyyalata…

      • “T vallu parasites la maa money blood laa taagesthunnaru…”

        Im beginning to understand what telangana people mean when they say theyre being treated as second class citizens in their own place.

        Poyi AVATAR cinema choodu. andulo villain neelanti vaalley. Nuvvu telangana ki elago paniki raavu, andhra paruvu kooda theesthaavu

      • @Sri,
        “Jai Andhra” ni evadu vaddanaledu.“Jai Andhra” intention separate Andhra kaadura Sri.
        1969 lo telangan poratam jarigite daaniki saanukoolanga 1971 lo appati CM PV Narsimha Rao “ee anyaayam nijame. Jobs lo ee antaraalanu tagginchali’ ani oka G.O pass cheste daaniki 1972 lo Andhra vallato influence ayina centra PV givt ni bartaraf chesindi. Kaani aa G.O amalayye parishiti matram tappaledu. Daaniki vyatirekanga start ayina udyamame “Jai Andhra”.
        Telangana vaadinaina naku telisina fact kuda neeku “jai andhra” gurinchi teleedu. Nuvvu maatlaadatam chintakaram. Nuvvu andhra ki telangana ki paniki raani madyastamlo unnavu..Edo okadani gurinchyna nijalu telusukoni reply ivvu. adi ee blog chadive andariki upakaristundi. Nijanga chaala mandi asalu samasya artam chesukodaniki ee blog chostunaru. Kaani nuvvu lagadapatila moorkanga nuvvu anukunnade vadistunnavu kaani otehr directionlo problem ni chodatam ledu. Ee blog author kastapadi telangana charitra chadivi andulo controvercial ga anipinchi pointsni kastapadi project chesadu vaatiki sanukoolanga telangana vaallu answer chestunnaru. Kaani nuvvu biased ga aa charitra kuda chadavakunda replies istunnavu. Nuvvu maralsina avasaram undemo mali okasari aalochinchu brother.

      • @mahendar
        “Jai Andhra” intention separate Andhra kaadura Sri.”
        avunu ra correct ga catch chesaav…mari Telangana 50 yrs vudyamamam ela ayyindi saaru?
        for the past 60 yrs lo Telanaga agitation facts telusukuni matladu…anthe kaani 60 yrs ga chesthunnam agitation ante correct kaadu.
        merge kakamundu mee CM separate ga vunte better ani express chesaadu kaani accept chesaadu kada. appudu okka saari separation point vacchindi.
        malli next 1969 lo mulki tokka tholu amalu kaavadam ledu ani godava chesi…later it turned in to a separate state agitation.
        after that malli KCR gaadu gokindu…
        idi ela avutundayya 60 yrs agitation?
        goadava chesi gola chesthe saripodu…mee force ni akkadi development ki petti vunte ee paatiki develop ayyi vundeedi. adi ledu kaani pakkodi meeda blame game aadadam lo baaga develop ayyaru.

        Gentleman agreement oo ani gola chesthunnaru kada…asalu adi oka agreement aa?
        mana deesham lo mumbai velli land konacchu, bangalore lo konachu kaani sontha state lo konalema…anduke godava vacchidi maa nunchi…

      • oray dongasachchinoda, siggulenivada, ekkadanunde valasa vachchi, ikkada vundi mammalni vellamantunnaru. Telangana vachchinaka, me andarini rallatho kotti pampistam me place ki…ha.ha.ha

    • There are problems but your inference is a bit stupid, asusual!

      Ambedkar may be the ultimate for you but did Ambedkar told you split state whenever you are unhappy? Did Ambedkar talked about Telangana anytime?

      Don’t use the only known name to you for every stupid cause and undermine their reputation.

  54. Mr. Abraka Dabra,
    Please stop provocative comments…. I never said its my belief – rather it was suggested by Dr. B.R.Ambedkar. And SRC1 clearly defined that Telangana should remain as separate state and strongly recommended by Fazal Ali Commission.

    >>>దేశం మొత్తమ్మీదా అమలవాలని ఉద్యమించండి.
    How cruel you are in thoughts?

    I am clearly referencing the injustice that took place for Telangana – and you are attempting to water-down the honest truth…. how tyrannical intent your mind is… And in no-way Telangana people are going to receive an unbiased justice if people like you are empowered to decide.

    >>>ఎవరికి ఉపయోగం?
    You don’t need to scratch others asses – let them scratch themselves. Just get lost and mind your own business – leave these innocent people alone – let them decide their own fate. For sure it is useful to Telangana people.

  55. If you have no answers then don’t change the topic – all bloggers clearly notice who has big mouth and hops in everywhere. I have not used any such words to an objectionable watch.

    Stop criticizing my language and question your own tyrannic intent – that is very dangerous than my mouth comparatively on a scale of million times greater.

  56. Bhayya

    If any one encourage small states…Please give us Hyederabad and surroundings as a seperate state.

    I love that.And also make AP as why 2 or 3 ,we can make minimum 10 ,It really meaningful.

    We are born and brought up in Hyderabad and my Grandfather and his sons and his sons (We ) really struggle to get jobs.
    People from All over india including Telangana,Rayalasema,Andhra are joined this place and took all the jobs.
    We are still pulling auto and small watch repair shops.
    You guys are fighting for the place of not yours.Just think.

    If you really wanted to develop your areas just go to your native places and do some developments.

    Invest and get the industries there it self.We all know that you all guys are fighting for Hyderabad.No one really intrested in Telangana or Andhra.
    I can challange again again…does you guys can simply walk with out hyderabad and say you are real heros?

  57. Also,We are all know when Telangana Agitation starts.
    Whenever Some reddy doesnot have a ministry or whenever KCR does not got a ministry.It is the fact of history on Telangana.And at the same time Jai Andhra etc comes out .

    Why you guys are not understanding the real facts?
    No real common man is benifitted so far?Its all about the political survival.

    How dare the political people talk in behalf of common man emotion.

    Why cannot they hear the struggle of the poor people rather they talk about Ijjath.

    See ,some one said earlier ,no one is bother about the how a poor man today can survive with the market prices?

    Its unbelivable the price of the rice is 50 RS.Did this goes the political leaders ears?

    Lets talk about this rather the seperation.When time come every state will seperate.Not only state even every district is going to be devide?This is because of our leaders like KCR,LAGADAPATI…etc

  58. Emito Eee hyderabadlone vunnaya Govt.Jobs?Why Andra people should come for in hyderabad.There should be an issue here.
    May be govt is not distributing jobs correctly all the places in AP.
    And the rules followed in India ,the same rules should follow in hyderabad,Telengana,Rayalasema,Andhra etc.
    Why seperate rules in Hyderabad for jobs?Hyderabad is capital for the state.No rules apply.I am not sure who are the stupid people accepted this.

    Not sure who is that telangana vadi..Always talk about same old story.Today…it is beyond is mixed with all.No one can stop indian to go and settle any where and get a job.Donot you think a person can challenge now and enter in telangana area and after 15 years he are she will get a govt .job?

    It is your foolish.Many people from Telangana are IPS,IAS,and 90% jobs occupied by Telangana people only…..
    Let it go like this only…if not in near future people will take it challange and took all your jobs if not today after 15 years..not only Non telangana telugu but also all over indians.
    Don’t be show this differnce between near and dear areas….

    Shout your mouths..If you want telangana ..Take it …And moosukuni kurcho…Donot talk about other areas and people.

    First be good .

  59. Hello Telugu Brother ,Please look here for a minute ,some of our great friend captured this history: You don’t think about area here ,just read it.

    I’m not attempting to teach a History lesson here. I’m just recalling our rulers from Srimukha Satakarni to Rosiah and their intentions. Many among you may be well aware of all this. But still, being Telugus, spend a few moments to read our own pride and unity.

    ‘The identity of Telugus on the canvass of recorded Indian History goes back to Srimukha Satakarni, the founder of Satavahana Kingdom, who ruled Andhradesa with Dharanikota (in present Guntur District) as his capital between 271 BC and 248 BC. His successors extended the empire. The capital cities were shifted to Dharmapuri in present Karimnagar district and Pratishtanpura (Paithan in present Aurangabad) in various subsequent years. Goutami Putra Satakarni, considered to be popular and valiant king, was 23rd in the dynasty. He restored the glory of Satavahanas by extending the kingdom from Arabian Sea to Bay of Bengal. Satavahana Kingdom has seen 29 rulers for about 400 years and the empire came to an end by 200 AD. With the motive of extending their kingdom, all Satavahana kings struggled to keep Telugus intact.

    With the downfall of Satavahanas, other small dynasties like Ikshvakus, Brihatpalayanas, Salankayanas, Vishnukundins, Vaakaatakas, Pallavas, Anandagotras, Kalingas and others ruled over the Andhradesa with their small kingdoms till Eastern Chalukyas came into picture. No ruler, small or big, ever thought of separating Telugus.

    Eastern Chalukya king Rajaraja Narendra in 10-11th century brought bigger glory to Telugu literature by making his court poet Nannnaya translate Sanskrit Mahabharata into Telugu. His father Vimaladitya proclaimed that it was always detrimental for any dynasty and culture, when brothers fight each other and separate. Raja Raja Narendra also believed in the same maxim and hence showered his love even on his step brother Vijayaditya. The concept of unity and brotherhood among Telugus was spread in this era.

    The reign of Kakatiyas was golden period for sculpture and heritage. Warangal was their capital. Rudrama Devi, the most popular among Kakatiya rulers, was a shining example for valor. She ruled Andhradesa between 1292 and 1294 AD. Her grandson Prataparudra took over from her. No Kakatiya ruler ever thought of separating Telugus.

    In 1303 AD Andhradesa has seen first Muslim invader Allauddin Khilji. Ghiazuddin Tughlaq took over in 1321 AD. Nayakas and Reddy Kings have ruled the Telugus between 1333 AD and 1448 AD. Pothana, the poet from Bammera in Warangal district, wrote Andhra Mahabhagavatam in this era. No Muslim invader and no successive king thought of separating Telugus.

    Srikrishnadeva Raya of 15th century brought Golden Era to Telugu literature. His Ashta Diggajas, the eight Telugu poet-stalwarts, stand high in the history of Telugu literature. Though a non-Telugu (he was Kanandiga), he united Telugus with a bond of linguistic pride.

    Bahamanis, Qutub shahis and Nizams eventually established their kingdoms in Andhradesa. Kancherla Gopanna, popularly known as Ramadas, wrote thousands of Telugu songs on Lord Rama in Tanisha’s reign in 16th century. That was the religious, cultural and linguistic tolerance maintained by Muslim rulers in Andhra Desa. No ruler among them thought of separating Telugus.

    Telugus have witnessed the subsequent invasion by British and took part in Freedom Struggle. Vasireddy Venkatadri Nayudu from Coatal Andhra was the first Telugu king who revolted against company rule and British Raj in India. Uyyalawada Narasimha Reddy from Rayalaseema was the first Telugu freedom fighter of India. The fearless Kaneganti Hanumanthu from Telengana revolted against British/Nizam. Tanguturi Prakasam, Pingali Venkayya, Bhogaraju Pattabhi Sitaramayya, Bazawaada Gopal Reddy, Prof. N.G. Ranga, are only a few among great Telugu non-violent freedom Fighters. No freedom fighter dreamt of dividing Telugus but united with national spirit.

    The sacrifice of Potti Sreeramulu is the epitome of Telugu self-respect and which culminated into carving of Andhra State. The eventual formation of Andhra Pradesh on linguistic basis and Hyderabad as its capital upheld the pride of Telugus with separate entity and identity. No Chief Minister right from Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy to Rosiah (not even Chenna Reddy who fought on separatist plank when he was out of power) has thought of separating the Telugus’.

    From 271 BC to 2009 AD, for about 2280 years, Telugus are united and struggled to be together, and tried to solve problems together. Now, in 2009, be it for valid reasons or for political gains, the question of separation has come to forefront. While the year 2009 is going to conclude in 2 days, let us see what is in store for united Telugus in 2010.

    Jai Telugus……………

  60. Point 3 – “The amount of land cultivated through canals in just Guntur district is more than the land cultivated with canals in entire Telangana region.”

    Question sarigga artham kakapothey answer ki ardham undadu.

    The point is about lands cultivated though ‘CANALS’ in guntur is more than lands cultivated through ‘CANALS’ in whole telangana regions. Its not about land ‘IRRIGATED’ by all means in thr region, which u have provided data for. If u have the honesty, remove ur incorrect point.

  61. కొంచం మర్యాదపూర్వకంగా చర్చ జరుగుతుంది ఇక్కడే
    చాలా చోట్ల ఒకరినొకరు చులకన చేసుకుంటూ మాట్ల్లాడుతున్నారు.
    విడిపోయినా, కలసి ఉన్నా ఇలా ద్వేషాలు పెంచుకోవటం మంచిది కాదు.

    మన అభిప్ర్రాయం చెప్పటం చాలా సులభం, అవతలి వారి తరపునుంచి ఆలోచించటం చాలా కష్టం. ఒక్క నిమిషం ఆగి ఆ తరపు నుంచి కూడా చూడండి.

    Destruction is easy. Construction is difficult.
    Think constructively.

  62. ఆనాడు రజాకర్లను ఎదుర్కోడానికి ఆంధ్ర ప్రాంతం నుండి ఎందరో నిస్వార్థ హృదయంతో సాయుధ మరియు శాంతియుత ఉద్యమాలకు సారథ్యం వహించడానికి ముందుకు వచ్చారు. అలాంటి మహానుభావులే ఇప్పుడు కూడా కదలి రావాలి. తెలంగాణ అమాయక ప్రజల బతుకులు బాగుపడుట కొఱకు ఇలాంటివారు తెలంగాణేతర ప్రాంతాల నుండిముందుకు వచ్చి సారథ్యం వహించాలి.

    సమైఖ్య ముసుగులో కొందరు దుష్ట వలసదారులు చేసే అరాచకాల కారణంగా మొత్తం ఆంధ్రోళ్ళను నిందించడం చాలా తప్పు. వాళ్ళలో ఎంతో మంది మహామహులున్నారు. వారి ప్రోద్బలంతో అమాయక ప్రజల నిజమైన అభివృద్దిని ప్రోత్సహించే దశాదిశలు నిర్దేశించుట ఎంతైనా అవసరం. కష్టించి ఫలితాలు సాధించే ఆంధ్రోళ్ళ సుగుణం మనకు ఆదర్శం కావాలి.

    నూటికి తొంభై శాతం తెలంగాణ ప్రజలు తమ భావ వ్యక్తీకరణలో చాల వెనకబడి ఉన్నారు. ఇలాంటి వారి అభివృద్దికి తోడ్పడాలంటే ఉన్నతమైన చదువులొక్కటే సరిపోవు – ప్రతి విషయం లోను తోడు-నీడగా ఉండాలి. ఈ మార్పు రావడానికి కొన్ని తరాలు కూడా పట్టొచ్చు. అంతవరకు వీళ్ళ అవకాశాలను వనరులను ఇతర ప్రాంతాల తెలివైన ప్రజలు తన్నుకు పోకుండా పెద్దన్నల్లాగా ఈ మహానుభావులు దగ్గరుండి కాపాడాలి.

    సమైఖ్య ముసుగులో కొందరు దుష్టులు ఈ పెద్దన్నలను కూడా ఖాతరు చేయడం లేదు – పైగా బెదిరింపు ధోరణితో తమవైపుకు తిప్పుకునే కుటిల ప్రయత్నం లో సఫలమౌతున్నారు. మంచివారిని గుర్తించి ఆదరించే వెనకటి కాలం పోయింది. ఇక తిరిగి రాదు…. అందుకే ప్రత్యేక రాష్ట్రమొక్కటే దారి. మారిన లోకానికి అనుగుణంగా తెలంగాణ ప్రజల కష్టసుఖాలను నిండు మనసుతో అర్థం చేసుకుని స్నేహపూర్వకంగా ప్రత్యేక రాష్ట్ర ఏర్పాటుకు తోడ్పడాలని విజ్ఞప్తి.

    ఆంధ్రోళ్ళలో కూడా మంచివారున్నారు! అనే తృప్తికరమైన మాటను మీరు సార్థకం చేయాలని నా ఈ తెలంగాణ అల్పసంతోషి స్వార్థం లేని అకాంక్ష.

    ఆంధ్రోళ్ళలో కూడా మంచివారున్నారు:ఆంధ్రోళ్ళలో-కూడా-మంచివార/

    • Mahisha Sree,

      మీలాంటి అల్పసంతోషులకు పోలీసులు మాత్రమే సహాయము చేయగలరు. కావాలంటే ఇంకా 4 బెటాలియన్*లు సిఆర్పిఎఫ్, ఆరేఎఫ్ లు పంపించగలము. అమాయకులను రాత్రిపూట్ల మర్డర్లు చేసి కాల్చి పారేసి శవయాత్రలు చేసి తెలంగాణా సాధిస్తామని పిచ్చి ఆలోచనల్లో వుండకండి. ఈసారి రబ్బరు బులెట్లు కాదు , కడప బాంబులు పంపగలము

  63. Telangana vallu chala manchi vallu.Mee nayukulu matram manchi vallu kadu.
    Notiki vachhinattu mataldutaru.Mari vallu ala matladutu vunte…Jai Telangana antunnara janalu.
    Mari Janala leka nayukula…Ikkada Ardham chesukovali.
    Paiki edagadam leedu ane feeling tho kanabadda Andra vallani notikochinattu matalu ante adi manchi manasu ani anukom.

    Ea okka telangana vallu kuda …Samaikya anaru.Baga balisina telangana wadu,Rajakeya nayukudu ,Addamga sompadinchina real estate telanganavadu…Evvaraina gane ,enka oke mata…Memu Mosa poyam ani.

    Eee gola makokku babu..Seperate avvandi…Mee peru cheppi andra chelavaruku nasanam ayyindi…Colleges vunnai ,indutries levu..Edi chusina Hyderabad..Hyderabad..Hyderabad…

    Happy new year ….Have your telangana….But don’t blame others at least now…
    But ,this is india,anyone can go anywhere like our people are going US,UK,AUS,etc.
    Again same story ,andhra vallu vachi maa jobs dochukunnarani….No more acceptance…Andhra people will fight for their better life on this earth anywhere.They work hard and try to live better.

    • @thammudu

      corect ga cheppav…separate avvadam better…kaani Hyd maatram vadalakuudadu…we should not allow Telangana selfish intent and selfish people to win Hyd.
      antha aa chetthalo hyd lo posaaru andhra vallu…international airport, fimly city, IT and inta chaala…
      kaavali aa old palace lu teeskomandaam…kaani vaallaki hyd icche prasakte ledu…

  64. Hopefully this wont happen to those dominion people from non-Telangana region who make their dreamily life on Telangana soil but still hates own people of this soil and yet opposing the formation of separate state:

    * Strong Warning:
    * Please be mindful of disturbing Scenes of Brutality and Cruelty. If you have weak heart I don’t recommend watching.

  65. If you are Hyderabadi… then who am I, what is my father and grand-father who worked for Nijam Govt. I graduated from Anwar-Ul-Ulum

    Don’t just simply assume or pretend that you are a Hyderabadi because you lived there long – you can be a Cyberabadi or ITiabadi but never be a true Hyderabadi. Yes, those illicit land enchrochers surrounding of Hyderabad of districts Nalgonda, Medak and Rangareddy would support you. Why not? They need to continue the loot.

    Jhuta Hyderabadi, Tere g~ndme dam haito Malakpet aake mujhse baatkar – neeku ghori kadta da.

  66. @lakshmi – You assesment is refreshing.

    My comment is regarding your comment below, which is the crux of the issue.

    “Also a significant chunk of irrigated land in Telangana comes from minor and lift projects which are not very viable and are not guaranteed always.. so the numbers turn out to be against Telangana further.”

    Doesn’t above comment show that there is no causality in the statement “Andra Pradesh Agriculture has been developed in specific regions due to disproportianate political Power rather than sound economics””,
    My argument is that since Telangana can never use the water (for agriculture) as it cannot compete with open agri markets which do not need Lift Agriculture (annual costs averaging too high (i have seen numbers of 7000 INR per acre to 40,000 INR per acre per year).

    Most Lift agriculture projects have failed in India, perhaps the following statement is correct “Due to the power of the telangana agriculture lobby, the state has over invested in often unviable Telangana Agriculture projects and continues to do so”.

    • @Mahmut
      Nice link…naaku kallu teluruchukunnayi ee Telangana vallu figures chuudakunda gola chesthunte nijame kabolu…development avvaledemo anukunna…
      Aaa figures chuusthe Telangana thappa Andhra, Seema lo chaala thakkuva invest chesaaru ani telusthondi.
      Veellu first nunchi blame game aaduthu manam katthe taxlu and mana money tho develop ayipoyi manalni tarimeddam ani chuusthunnaru.
      nadi daataka teppa tagalettinattu vundi vella vyavahaaram. aa deevudu kuuda vellani kshaminchadu.

      • Orey sri. neke siggu ledu. baga balasi kottukuntunnavu. Nekemi telusu coastal andhra people enta money tinnao, lagadapati 10000 crores, jagan 1 lack crore. konchamaina sigguleda. Me papam pande roju vastundi. devudu unnadu.

  67. I have seen some Telangana Powerudu from Malak pet above commenting some useless.
    Isko ghar ke bahar jake baath karneka dam nahihai.Hyderabad tho Develop hogayya hai bahyya.
    Ab doosare jagha bee develop hona..Aap toda state ghumo,bhahar javo….Duniya deko..Acha jevo…Acha bath karo.

    Aaj,aapke bhayi and sublog Hyderabad me bhahuth enjoy kar raha hai.Kush raho…Kam karo.
    khuda hafeese.

  68. Giridhar

    Politicians are idiots and New channels are stupids.
    Come to one conclusion,Did you get a chance to visit all the area’s in AP?

    Please go there and see which area is doing good since 25 years.
    If you think ,still Telenagana is not developed or not taking care…since then,Please comment.

    I still challenge ,even Telangana politicans are became more richer than American Presidants….For getting political position ,They will keep ask Seperate Telangana…

    Those rich politicians always say…Tammulllara…Akkalara …Ammalara…Andra vodu mimmalni dochukuntunnadu…

    This is true …even telangana seperated from Andra,India,Even from this mother earth.

    Because ,you people don’t understand the brother hood,except Political leader voice.

    God Must be Crazy.

  69. If you see indian history every idiot who is talking this is my land is a real real fool.

    The country India it self with the people of migrants from various places around the world.

    Let me pull the anitiant history where there were no human on the soil of this so called India.

    It gives an idea ,if you talk China,Japan,USSR,UK etc they are all same shape and colour..If you see india,In the same region whether it is south or north,east or west…we have diffent colors ,hights,Shapes,languages,Cultures…..

    Don’t you agree we are not from the same place?
    Yes we are not ,we are all …our fore fore fathers are all Migrated from differnt places to this rich country.

    Today ,how dare you fools can say this is my land …We are this …we are that…you go back…

    Please go back and ask your 5-10 old generations,the real truth will come and you will cry to speak even about who are settelers ,who are migrants etc.

    Have a great past…Catch you later.

  70. Baaboi,

    Hyderabad,Maa Capital..Meemu vastamu…Telangana Ante emoto maku teludu….Maku telesindi Hyderabad.

    Who is that fool that saying no one should come to hyderabad?

    We Indian,donot have right to stay in our capital city?

    Shoot the bastereds who speak against Indian Democratic rules.

    Hang them all.

    Be like a wise person.If any one want Telangana,we donot have any issue.As long as Hyderabad is our capital we bound to come ,its our heart.

    Don’t be foolish to say go back ,come back statements against a state capital.

    All are having same rights on state capital.No politics.

  71. DGP is correct. Even before the state is split KCR and company took over control of the ‘Telangana region’.

    హైదరాబాదును తెలుగు వారి నుండి విడదీలేరు. నిజంగా ఇప్పుడు జరుగుతున్న పోరాటం తెలంగాణ కోసమా ? లేక తెలుగు వారందరూ కలిసి నిర్మించుకున్న హైదరాబాదు కోసమా? ఒక్కసారి తెలంగాన నుండి హైదరాబాదును వేరు చేసి చూస్తే తెలంగానా వాదుల నిజస్వరూపం బయటపడుతుంది.
    సెంటిమెంటు-ఆయింటుమెంటు ఎదైనా డబ్బున్నంత వరకే . ఒక్కసారి వుద్యమం వూపిరి ఆగిపోతే (అదే వ్యాపరస్తులు భూకబ్జాదారులు ఇస్తున్న ఆముదం ఇపోతే) అంతె ! పిల్లల భవిస్యత్తుతో , ప్రజల బతుకులతో ఆడుకోవడం ఆపేయండి! మీకు చేతనైతే , చేవ వుంటే మీ నాయకులను నిలదీయండి. గత 50 సంవచ్చరాలలో తెలంగాణ ఎందుకు వెనుకపడిందొ మీ నాయకుల మెడలపై కత్తి పెట్టి అడగండి!

  72. Walk in the fresh air and breathe deeply. It will keep your brain active and free from irritation.

    Before you love Telugu people so much – think in this angle
    1. We are not asking to split Telugu people – so don’t make assumptions
    2. No one will kick your asses out of Hyderabad – unless you continue to behave as if you are the only owner of this metropolitan city – you can continue to live the same way you are right now in harmony
    3. The moment you start opposing separate state of Telangana – we question your abilities to respect other’s opinions and further rogue leaders would love to irritate you more with statements like “Andhravale Bhago” and “Stop looting” etc.
    4. I have not seen a honesty individual among Andhrites accepting the fact that Telangana people were being oppressed with tactics in providing equal opportunities.

    If you continue to argue, then at first, go fight for Madras city to be a Union Territory and get a ruling that you deserve equal right.

    ‘You’ means all of those who are opposing the formation of separate Telangana state.

    Mr. Vijay,
    It was a great attempt to find information and explain it in your angle. However, I question your unbiased approach in this analysis. It is very shameful that you haven’t mentioned anything about Gentlemen’s Agreement, 6-Point Agreement, GO610, Expansion of Nagarjuan Sagar left canal, Expansion of Sri Ram Sagar Project, SRC1-Report, Fazal Ali Recommendations, Dr. B.R.Ambedkar Recommendations, Supreme Court orders, President’s Halt on over throwing Supreme Court Orders…

    Do you think all these incidents are also fake and fumbled by separatists?

    Also can you answer why Nehru accepted the Raja Muktyala’s proposal and rejected Burgula Ramakrishna Rao’s idea to develop an Industrial Colony between Hyderabad and Sirpur-Kagaznagar?

    These political leaders and kings never cared for the people who lived for ages under tyrannic oppressions of muslim kingdom.

    Jai Telangana Jai Jai Tealangana

  73. There is no respite to this separatist moment as far as our politians add fire to the fuel.It is a very good job done to put up the issue in proper perspective but when separation becomes inevitable and with minimum disturbances public should convey feelings concerned.The present situation unfortunately is alarming due to failure of Government machienary and is beyond control, in the sense that violent incidents go on increasing. Then what are the solutions?
    1) Hyderabad UT -Not desirable to any party
    2) Hyderabd as part -not agreeable to both
    3) The Telengana says “settlers” (a new word coined and can be used conveniently like our politians in future as one of my colleague put it that his neighbour coming from 15km distance and settling is also a settler (why there should be a time frame)obviously, sons of soils.) would not be asked to vacate-then by referendum Hyderabad and Secundrabad can be made as two capitals side by side. The argument of geographically not suited is also not true as the distances between Guntur district villages are more nearer to Hyd than the districts in Telengana.The imbroglio created thus would heal up to some extent.In what way it is different from the on going rides on Indians at Australia and other countries in various continents. Tomorrow,Thomas Alva Edison and Graham Bells (fortunately there are no more) if alive would demand return their inventions then where all of us will be ?

  74. Musali kcr/venkatasami/hanumantharao/kesavrao vanti rajakeeya cheedapurugulavalle idantha. vallaki guddi kodamdaramlu etc., thodu. Enthasepu andhravallu dochukuntunnaru anakapothe, national/international levello evari sarra emito choosukunte, thelisipotundikatha. Idanta rajakeeya rakshasakreeda. daniki endaro amayakulu bali. ventane anni exams dates declare cheyyali. attendancelo evvariki relaxation ivvakoodadu. all india competition testski vellevalle veltharu, lenivaru ledu. Ippatike, andaru mananu choosi navvukuntunnaru. nenu chennailo vuntunna 3 years nunchi. Oke okkasari kaveri waters vishayamlo (in the interest of state) all parties bandhki call ichchayi. mari AP vishayam chooste, nela podugutha bandule. idanta panileni vari pani. ante.

  75. Srujan
    We are not asking for seperation.
    Who ever wants seperation ,they should ready for rebuilding things.
    Be ready for Seperate state ,and take entire telangana.Leave our heart Capital to us.Any way ,Hyderabad will not give you water and much jobs.All govt jobs and water is going far from Hyd.

    For this only T.People and Parties are crying .

    If you guys really wanted Telangana,take a challenge and really work for your rural areas.

    Our so called University brothers etc should ,really think in this manner and you will get Telangana next day.

    You want seperation,Be ready for sacrification.The way we did when Madras went to Tamils.We want seperate ,hence we have to loose the Capital.

    You are all welcome to vizag,Tirupathi.You never got any question still today.And even in the future.

  76. Enne years nunchi poratam chestane evvaledhu next day ne ela estharu amma………..Paiga elections lo T matter pettenappudu calm ga unna meru antha eppudu andhuku lesthunnaru………………………SHALL I SAY ITS BECAUSE U PEOPLE FELT THAT THESE POOR FELLOWS CANT DO ANYTHING……………………………………..IAM I RIGHT………OBVIOUSLY ITS THE TRUTH..

  77. Aaina me AAsha kakapothe TELANGANA lo unna badhrachalam ne adagadam aanti……………..AAsha ku AAnthu ledhu ane proverb ke best EXAMPLE Andhra vaalu………….mari HYD meedha meedhi aasha kaadha ane meru adagachu…………………NOOOOOOOOOOO Ede kuda me aasha……………………….. ma gunday meedha we r just fighting to protect it……………….AP lo ne chappukothaga piligrims TELANGANA lo unnae. RAMAPPA, 1000 PILLARS TEMPLE KILA WARANGAL etc…………………..Kaani veetene evvadu develop chaiyaledhe……………………. appudu meru kotladachu kadha “manam antha samaikyanga unnam telangana temples ne develop chayale anne”………….DUSSEHRA is one of the biggest festival and famous in telangana……………..aa panduyga gurencki meemalne aadegethe emmo mari maku theledu aantaru kani telusukovadaneke try annadu chayale…………….aante even festivals lo kuda meeru maa tastelaku veeluva evvakapoothe maemu meetho andhuku kalesevundale……………………………………

    • //Aaina me AAsha kakapothe TELANGANA lo unna badhrachalam ne adagadam aanti……………..AAsha ku AAnthu ledhu ane proverb ke best EXAMPLE Andhra vaalu………….//

      for your information …bhadrachalam was not a part of nizam (telangana ) state.

      hence the issue was raised..

      //……………….AP lo ne chappukothaga piligrims TELANGANA lo unnae. RAMAPPA, 1000 PILLARS TEMPLE KILA WARANGAL etc…………………..Kaani veetene evvadu develop chaiyaledhe……………………. appudu meru kotladachu kadha “manam antha samaikyanga unnam telangana temples ne develop chayale anne”………//

      it is your duty to go and ask the tourism ministers who have ignored the temples in your region.

      monna railway budget lo bengal ki ekkkuva trains vesaru manaku bokka pettaru..

      ante ardham bengal vadu mana trains ni dochukunnatu kadu..

      mana leaders chetakani vallu ani ardham…idi anthe…

      //DUSSEHRA is one of the biggest festival and famous in telangana……………..aa panduyga gurencki meemalne aadegethe emmo mari maku theledu aantaru kani telusukovadaneke try annadu chayale…………….aante even festivals lo kuda meeru maa tastelaku veeluva evvakapoothe maemu meetho andhuku kalesevundale……………………………………//

      dussera panduganu prathi hinduvu jarupukuntadu…prathi telugu vadu jarupukuntadu..

      nuvvu adigindi…andhra vadina leka africa vadina..

      evado nutiko kotiko okkadu pandagala gurinchi teliyadu ante aa mukka pattukoni velladatava..??

      anthenduku…warangal karimnagar, adilabad jillalalo famous aina batukamma…ante mahabubnagar lo chala mandiki teliyadu…

      mahabubnagar lo batukamma aadaru…(kavalante enquiry cheyyi)

      evaro edo anna maata pattukoni ila matladatam entha varaku samanjasamo..nuvve aalochinchu

  78. @lakshmi

    //The central tribunal does not decide the share just based on the catchment area.//

    most of the telanganites arguing that godavari catchment is more in telangana and hence more water must be given to telangana.hence i have raised the point.

    // Also they do not decide the share of a state just based on the tributaries argument that you have put up. //

    lets leave it aside. but you should agree that the telangana share is mostly available khammam district.

    now chcek the feasibility of transfering water from khammam to adilabad, karimnagar, or any other telangana district.

    They also take into various other factors in consideration like amount of land which is used for cultivation, drought prone areas, current projects, current utilization and many more. They also discuss with the people’s representatives across the states involved and then arrive at the decision.//

    it is not their decision of allocating the resources. it is the matter of fulfilling the things written

    along the river if one stretch runs dry and the other is flooded. it does nt mean that the flooded area people are taking your water.

    to make things more clear….i request you to kindly refer the amount of water that was sent in to the sea from prakasam barrage on river krishna and cotton barrage on river godavari.(if possible name any other major project which was constructed on these two rivers once these rivers croseed telangana)

  79. memu antha kotladena result negative ga vundhi aanduke divide aai develop chasukuntamu…………..DUSSEHRA aante telugu vaale kadhu worldwide chala mandhike telusu kani telangana lo adhi oka peddha festival……aayudha pooja etc chala vuntai aavani meeru chayaru aapudu meeku baitevadeke diff ledhu vaadeke telusu dussehra


    maa vallu vidipoyaru ani nenu cheppana..??aina family matters ki telangana vadaniki sambandham enti..??

    oka vela nuvvu cheppina karananiki telangana ivvalante …jillako rashtram cheyyali…oppukuntava..??

  81. //memu antha kotladena result negative ga vundhi aanduke divide aai develop chasukuntamu…//

    kotladithe result maradu…aalochinchi adugu vestene result maaredhi..………..

    //DUSSEHRA aante telugu vaale kadhu worldwide chala mandhike telusu kani telangana lo adhi oka peddha festival……aayudha pooja etc chala vuntai aavani meeru chayaru aapudu meeku baitevadeke diff ledhu vaadeke telusu dussehra

    dusshera andhra lo cheyyaru ani neeku cheppindi evaru..??

    neeku telisindhe nijam anukoku…nuvvu telusukovalsindi chala undi…

  82. @lakshmi

    i forgot to ask u one more question..

    why are u adding the contribution of medium and small scale projects in kadapa nellore vizag and other districts..??

    the medium and minor irrigation in those districts is not from river godavari and krishna…

    there are sources other than river godavari and krishna in other districts..

    and u finally added them together to show a percentage difference..??

    how can u add it??

  83. Andarivadu
    Hats off!
    Your analysis is very very practical.But whatever you tell to Our telangana brothers ,they will never think positive.Coz,every day thier schools ,friends ,Politics move around telangana issue.
    They only slogan is : Andhra vallu,Andhra vallu…
    Only 2% of Andhra people might be there in Hyderabad as it is their capital.
    They should not make andhra people mad to jump in Telengana …If they think all andhra people were bad,they screw their life and etc,one day will come all andhra will surely migrate to Telengana..No one can stop it ,Any person who born in India,can live any where.

    Some politcal leaders,some Business People might have done mistakes or selfish works in this reagon.
    They donot understand what is andhra valla.They never visit any place in andhra.i.e village,to see how humanity flows and love goes.

    They always consider some of the people who came to hyderabad for their survival ,not for screwing some one,as there were not much opportunities in their correosponding areas,the way the people migrate from many telangana districts to Hyderabad for the same purpose.
    Again,Same thing I wanna tell here,whatever you say,they wanted seperation.It will be going to be another India -Pakistan.And political parties enjoys this game.Particularly congress and TRS.

    But ,if the same happen,KCR will be on target for all this big division.

    • evadu badha padaledu. languages different kanuka vidipoyaaru anukunnaru anthe. ee madhya kaalam lo vidipoyina states lo kuuda evariki baadha ledu.
      mana ap lo vunna baadha okkatee…hyd lo develop ayyaka mingeddam ani plan chesina sannasulu ee vidipodaam ani gola chesthunnaru.
      aadevadra prof ta…asalu mind lekunda prof ela ayyadu raa babuuu.

    • @santu

      andaru kalisi vundaali ani korukovadam ledu. evaru konda gallatho kalisi vundaam anukuntaaru cheppu. An intellegent enemy is betterthan a foolsih friend annattu…mee laanti fools tho nenu ayithe kalisi vundadaluchukoledu. edo memu pettina investments oka manchi package kinda maaku icchesthe memu vellipotham. 30 yrs nunchi ap revenue antha mingi chasthunnaru…antha minginaa inka andhra vallu edo mimmalni mosham chesesaaru antu golakati malli.

  84. tamilnadu nundi A.p vidipoinappudu vallu enta badha padiuntaru

    Tamilanadu nundi A.P vidipoyinapudu chennai ni vadilesi vidipoiyindi so vallemi badha padaledu…ipudu kuda Hyd settle cheste Telangana vidipote evadikkaavali….unte evadiki kavali…

    adedo asalu 1950 lo kalavakunda unte ee patiki Vijayawada city ento develop ayyedi…atleast 1969 lo devide chesi unna ee patiki Vijayawada chala mundu undedi….so mundu Vijayawada ni capital ga chesi oka 10 years develop ayina tarvata state ni vidagottaali….

  85. Brillient Idea And simple solution.

    Atu vijayawada ,Etu Nellur,Gunturu etc lanu develop chesi,Oka Internation Air port,BHEL,NFC,Business Schools,Hitech City lu develop chesite…

    No one will have objection to Telangana.Even today ,we can say dear brothers you can take telangana,leave our State capital to US.
    It is up to them ,to leave cunning ,foolish dramas
    and simple walk away with Telangana..The best solution ,if they really wanted to develop their own state.

    For sure ,no one agree the current techniques..I really request our political leaders,students,All people talk the only above subject ,nothing else.

    They ,only know Jai Telangana…Jai Jai Telangana..Ededo desaani unddarinchinattu.

    Evanni ,Dramalu ani andhariki telusu.Nijamaina Telangana vallu Manchi vallu ,vunnaru,but some Leaders and students ,employees ,who really enjoying comfortable life ,wanted short cuts to earn name and money are all the cause for this issue.

    But,I am praying god ,We all should have a simple solution and all should live in the best Hormony.The division should not bring big problems between telugu people.We should not for get that by seperation ,we will weak and States become small and thus,the growth will slow down.

    Instead,The OU student Urge other university students to work together to see Telengana gets develop.Similarly the political Party leader should ask other area leaders to look this area wherever it is not developed and how to make our entier Telugu peoples state can go in a better state.

    No one so far tried this way.No govt will help.Govt ,runs on votes.But development goes with Friend ship and best execution of project by the engineers and mind people.

    Thanks guys

  86. …//.so mundu Vijayawada ni capital ga chesi oka 10 years develop ayina tarvata state ni vidagottaali//

    appudu vizag, vijayanagaram vallu maku capital chala duram avutundi..memu inko state ga untamu…mammalni vodileyyandi ante ela untundi..??

    develop ayyaka vidipodamu..

    vidipoyaka develop avutamu ani anatam chala easy..kani adi entha kashtamo manaku teliyadu…

    one should always support a feasible solution…

  87. about go 1845

    chala mandi telangana vadulu 1845 go lo telanganaku anyayam jarigindani ..kevalam 9 kotlu mathrame telangana ku ichharani antunnaru…

    kani ala matlademundu aa dabbulu ichhindi evaru anna vishayam munduga telusukovali..

    money ichhindi NABARD ane bank..aa dabbu govt sommu kadu..

    ippudu telangana ki takkuva ga ichharu antunnaru..

    ade nabard bank vadu adilabad, medak, karimnagar and warangal districts ki first phase (watershed projects) kosam 486.6 millions sanction chesaru..

    10millions = 1 crore

    it means 486.6 millions = 48.66 crores..

    ee 48.66 crores lo okka paisa kuda coastal andhra ku ivvaledu..rayalaseema ku ivaledu..

    NABARD vadu money release chesemundu andariki equal ga ivvalani aalochinchadu…

    vadi veeluni batti okkosari okko area ki money allocate chestadu..

    ee vishayanni telusukokunda telangana vadulu 1845 G.O valla anyayam jarigindani pracharam cheyyadam badhakaramaina vishayam…

    nenu cheppedi nijam ani prove cheyyadaniki ee link chudandi..

    idi NABARD valla official website. check the section
    B. IGWDP – Andhra Pradesh as on 31 March 2006

    so stop spreading wrong information about 1845 G.0

  88. excellent Andarivadu

    Mari ,eee vishayalu ,ato papers gani…media gani…atu rajakeya partilu gani…enduku matladaru?

    Telanganalo …bus stop lo ..leka OU campus lo …analysis boards pedutunnaru….

    Mari avi nijalu kadu ani govt enduku cheppadu?

    Mana daggara so many govt.Officers vunnaruga…Kurchuni tenadaniki

    Kaneesam ,State lo alla kallom jarugu tuntee…Evaru patinchukorem?


  89. //Mari ,eee vishayalu ,ato papers gani…media gani…atu rajakeya partilu gani…enduku matladaru?

    For your information…

    sakshi paper lo undavalli vs jayashankar ani oka article lo rasadu..1845 GO biased ga unte …telangana ku favourable ga unna sandarbhalu chala unnayi ani undavalli chepparu..this is one such example

    problem emitante…sakshi news ni vellu nammaru..
    Telanganalo …bus stop lo ..leka OU campus lo …analysis boards pedutunnaru….

    //Mari avi nijalu kadu ani govt enduku cheppadu?//

    Govt ala ante…udyamanni tappudova pattistunnarani malli attack chestarani bhayapadutunnaru..

    //Mana daggara so many govt.Officers vunnaruga…Kurchuni tenadaniki

    Kaneesam ,State lo alla kallom jarugu tuntee…Evaru patinchukorem?

    endukante..silent ga unte vallake labham..repu state form aithe promotions vostayani chalamandi anukuntunnaru…

    anthekadu…gattiga matladithe evadochhi kodathado anna bhayam kuda undi..anduke evvaru matladaru..

  90. Andhra expect telangana people to believe that inspite of circumventing all the safeguards that were put in place to prevent any exploitation and flouting agreements that render equitable development on all levels, AP govt.dominated by andhra bureaucrats was able to provide justice and evenly development development in telangana.
    What a laughable proposition???


    maa vallu vidipoyaru ani nenu cheppana..??aina family matters ki telangana vadaniki sambandham enti..??

    oka vela nuvvu cheppina karananiki telangana ivvalante …jillako rashtram cheyyali…oppukuntava..??

    jilla ko rastram anaga thalli oka dhaggara pillalo ka dhaggara nana oka dhaggara ovutharu……… kani ala ledhe oka big family nunchi saperate aai small family pedthe aathmeyatha ala ge untunde ledhu ante godavalu avuthai………….artham aaiendha

  92. Looking at this blog and posts, we can see that telangana region and people are hated so much by the other regions of the state. They are scolding and calling names for telangana people but still want united AP. you hate a region and its people but dont want to let it go. what does this mean.? British hated indians and india so much but never wanted to leave this country. Selfish people…

  93. nenu ippudu saval chestunna evedina even that KCR KTR HARISH everiena sare ee blog lo varike jarigina anyam ide ani post pedite daniki laksha ke paiegaa samadhanalu vastaie okkati aardhamchesukoandi brothers monnati daka maku anyayam jarigindhi seemandrulu dogalu annaru telengana nayakulu mari ninna Aatmagorava poratam ani matamarcharu ee okka vishyam chalu brother vallu aabaddalu chebutunaaru anadani 1947 nundi Bharata Desam aabhvrudhi chenudunndutunna desam enka ante ee desam lo venakabadani prathalu lkekuda elevuntai nayakulu tamri tappulni kappadani manamadya chechhu pedataru nammoddu anamanthaaa okkati ga veri ni tarimi kadadam nayakulai gunapatam chebudammm varu Seemaandranayakuliena telamgana nayakuliena panicheyyani nayakulni tarimi tarimi kaottali appude antata abhivrudhi sadyam

  94. appudu madras ni memu develop chesamani annaru………….rajaji statement ila icharu “get out from our madras province within 24 hours ,you filthy dogs”
    ippudu hyd ni develop chesam ani antunnaru………………..
    why u failed both the times in developing andhra cities such as vishakapatnam.,vijayawada…………?

  95. This blog can’t be completely relied upon, infact the nirmaan foundation situated at Madhuranagar colony, Neredmet X Roads, Sec-bad has found that Districts Medak, Mahabubnagar and Rangareddy as the districts which are adjoining the metropolis of Hyderabad, but way behind in progress. So they have decided to contribute some money which can help the people of these districts buy books for their children who can’t afford to buy them. With the co-operation MNC’s and NGO’s they are helping the parents to buy books for their children. I’m working as a Software Engineer working in Intense Technologies Limited, Kharkhana, sec-bad, the software products company which the Nirmaan has approached us. This clearly states that the answer to the first question is completely deviating the people of A.P from the facts.
    Anybody who wants to get more information on this fact, can approach Nirmaan Foundation through the email or else can directly contact the Nirmaan in person to the following adress: Registered Office: 37-95, Rd#1, Madhuranagar Colony, Neredmet X Roads, Secunderabad – 500056 Andhra Pradesh, India Phone: +91 9000552151

    Thank u

  96. andhra vallu mathram tamilnadu nundi vidipovocchaaa? telangana vallu mathram vidipovoddaa? kalisi undali ani okka side anukuntey elaa? two sides anukuntey appudu anukovocchu.. okka sari telangana area ki velli choodandi ey maaru moola poina vidipovali aney antaru…. meru paina cheppina dantlo chalaa varaku thappulu unnay but naku ippudu avanni vivarinchey time ledu ainaa ishtam ledu antuntey kalisi undali maathoney undali sacchinatlu undali ani anadam entha ahankaramo kanipisthundi……

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